Zrilo contest - dont panic

just to mention that it seems to be showing that none of the entries are available- dont panic everyone its seems to be an error, I checked mine and they are actually still available

I reported it to @Dan in this topic five days ago

I guess he didn’t see it…

i thought it was unusual my names were so bad lol

Sorry about missing this contest. We have fixed the availability issue now.

Same for this new one @Dan. https://www.squadhelp.com/domainContest/4859/Socially_conscience,_green_tech_BRAND!!!#tab-2

We have fixed this too. We are working on a permanent solution so that you don’t have to report these individually. We should have that in place soon.


@Dan. The new one needs to be fixed also. Thanks, https://www.squadhelp.com/domainContest/4862/Name_our_new_app#tab-2

Thanks Tammy. This is corrected as well. We will have the permanent fix in place soon.

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@Dan, in this (cancelled) contest:


One of my entries says is taken, but is not… Maybe want to check that glitch.

if its andrew arcangel - I had one bought by him in this contest

What I’m saying is that SH says it’s taken, but Who.is says it’s not. Maybe a glitch like when all names say taken (lately issue).

I just checked and lost 2 names. SkySnip and SkyHowl. Seems this is the norm for me though!