Your Favorite Cosmetics brand names


Hi All - We had so much fun seeing all of your favorite movie names and why you like them that we thought we’d continue the conversation:

Please tell us your favorite Cosmetic brand names and what you like about them!

Also, we often talk about Urban Decay as an interesting example of an outlier name (a name like Apple that stands far outside of the industry norm, building a unique brand). What do you think of Urban Decay? Is it a great outlier name or a bit too much?


Dr Jacksons because it sounds like it might do some good.Urban decay sounds like ripped clothing, Im not sure decay would do well in the cosmetics industry, but you never know there are Drunk Elephants out there.


Grant, your post title is fashion but you are asking about cosmetics…but this is a great launching point on Urban Decay. I would automatically think that was a clothing brand, like Faded Glory.

But Urban Decay has sort of a cool story behind it. “Started as a reaction to the “safe” color-scape at the makeup counters, they became known as a rebellious colorful riot.”
So now that I know that, (because I don’t buy a lot of make-up), if this were a winning name on SH I would be praising the creative for nailing it. But on first blush (pardon the pun), I don’t like the name. I don’t think it is too much, I just don’t like it. But they are a sub-brand of L’oreal (a name I like). Anywyay, the name does convey that they are different.

If we are talking about cosmetics, I like Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Lancome, Aveeno, Garnier… (I always love a lot of french names). I don’t like Maybeline, Redken, Roc.

I’m clearly not the target audience for hip or outlier brands. LOL. But that is the truth… the audience matters.

Sidenote: This is why I have such a hard time on beauty and fashion contests!


On the topic of Urban Decay, I remember when the brand made it’s debut and gained popularity, I was in high school. Along with the brand Hard Candy, it was so different than all the rest (Maybeline, Revlon, Covergirl, etc.) and the names within the name were fun and disruptive (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, OilSlick, SellOut, Roach, etc.). Being a teenager, the brand definitely spoke to me. I also have a personal tie to the brand, being that my Mother-N-Law has been the Controller for Urban Decay (just retired at 72 yrs old this year), and started out in a small office in Costa Mesa CA. The brand must of done something right as they were bought by Loreal in 2013. Would it have had the success it has if it were any different name?? I guess we’ll never know. And if I were, lets say “middle aged” when the brand debuted, would I have gravitated towards it? Probably not.

I feel that once a brand/company becomes extremely popular, we don’t focus on the name, but rather accept it as the norm, it is what it is, and we don’t give it a second thought. Example: Google, Amazon, Old Navy, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s.

Some fashion/cosmetic brands I like are: Tarte, Banana Republic, ZARA, Smashbox, La Roche-Posay, Obagi.


With some exceptions anything that attracts attention and discussions is usually a good way to go for fashion/cosmetics related brands. Off the top of my head Nasty Gal & Nude are good names for a company and/or product. They’re provocative but not over the top (although Nasty Gal is right on the border).


I do love SkinnyGirl (the alcoholic beverage company that solved a problem!)
And Spanx!


My Favorite Fashion Brand Name is Free People. I like how the name captures the Bohemian style of the clothing. Urban Decay definitely gets one’s attention but speaking for myself it is not something I would associate with putting on my body…has a zombie feel to it :slight_smile: …but maybe that is the idea.