Your domian received a special boost 🎉

All good here, but my problem is with the Confetti. I thought I sold 4 domains in a minute, which is less likely than the vaccine coming out! I went from ‘Really😲’ to ‘Really😶’


I don’t get confetti anymore even when I get money!

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Yes, it’s a problem with the confetti symbol. Please, remove it for the ‘‘special boost’’ notifications. :rofl: :rofl: :hot_face:


Talking about disappointments: I’ve just found out that one of my Premium names got unshortlisted which I’ve never seen in 2 and more years of Marketplace. Has anyone experienced similar?


Yes… Had it today. No. Of shortlists went down by 1. Never happened.


I’m wondering should we BB this?


The recent discovery of possibility Premium Marketplace names to be UNSHORTLISTED (still waiting for the team’s response) led me to check the numbers a little further. Found out the number of shortlists from the Marketplace dashboard doesn’t match the number from the name’s very page (it’s lesser here for every single name; easy for me to go through it since I have only 6 names :). Is this something common everybody already knows about (except me) or nobody bothered to check? Please share your experience.


It happens all the time to me. What is so unique about it? Most of the time they like to shorten their shortlist as it goes through their selection process. Also often some CHs don’t realize they have shortlisted premium names. One contest I won the CH didn’t even know after selecting my name that it was a premium name which was so weird.


@ SmartWebby

It seems I wasn’t clear enough. It is the matter of shortlists in the Marketplace itself, not in contests. Thanks for sharing, though!


My guess would be that it similarly got shot down from their general shortlist - accessible from the heart icon on the top right. It could also be a fellow creative who is clearing their old watched domains (same shortlist via the heart icon) especially if you have ever had a wholesale marketplace listing for the domain name.


Thanks for your thoughts! Since I keep track of the number of Marketplace shortlists for the whole year now (daily), this was something new to notice (the first unshortlisting ever).