Your Basic Listings are Now Searchable!


Here comes a dumb question. I’ve read the FAQs for this. I’ve submitted basic listing names. They are live but I haven’t set the pointer to SH yet because I haven’t heard if they are approved… But I am confused, since they are live, should I go ahead and change the server settings now? Or wait until I hear from SH? . It seems they are approved because the names have the green bar under them in “My Entries”


Laura, Basic listings do not require approval from SH. There’s a popup you get that says that. They go live immediately. So yes, change your servers.


Thanks CLinks! You’re the best!


I think I would like the basic listings separated. At least we can browse the names as well search for them in a basic listing marketplace. Even on the ‘more’ tab, it doesn’t list our names under the category (e.g. co-working), you have to plug in a part of word or enter the full name, to find it. It would be in in SH’s best interest to include all basic names in browse. Unless I’m doing something wrong. But like @moretal said, it’s very confusing. And don’t find that it helps those of us who enter basic listings


@Grant: I’ve noticed that no views or shortlists are coming up on the basic listings. Should we be seeing views and shortlists by now or has that not been enabled yet on Basics?


Can anyone tell me if I should purchase privacy option when buying a domain at the pos? I’m just trying to purchase a few for basics,also how do I point them to sh once purchased Please? Thanks!


Hi @Marye5 ,

I always buy privacy. I buy my domains at Whois where privacy protection is less than $3. Each registra is different in how they show their display panel of your new registered name. Always look for “Name Servers” on the panel or drop down menu, click on that, then it will bring up the namer server page where you can enter the new name servers (delete the old ones). Does this make sense? Hope this helps you.


Thank you for responding. I did finally get some bought and listed with the help of Jade via the blue button. Although I couldn’t afford the privacy this go around :unamused: I will look into Whois next time. Much appreciated :purple_heart:


Views and shortlisting stats for Basic listings should be available starting today!


Awesome!!! These help so much, thank you!


@grant There are now Basic Listings mixed in with the Premium Listings seen during a regular search in the marketplace (Not via the ‘More’ option or the categories). For example: there are 4 totally random names that were recently registered and are priced $9999. Please look into it.


@moretal - Thanks for letting us know. We will look into this. If you can report the exact names that you are concerned about via the Blue Button that would be very helpful.


@grant Blue buttoned it. Those listings were apparently Premium Listings but according to SH’s rep the system had a glitch and they somehow got $9999 prices. It was fixed. There were others besides those $9999 ones with a glitch, but I think those are now fixed too. Thanks.