Your Basic Listings are Now Searchable!

We have developed a search feature for your Basic Listings:

This page can currently be accessed in two ways:

  1. Click Names by Category in the dropdown menu under Names for Sale at the top of any page of
  2. Click “more” on any page within the Marketplace.



@grant The basic listings are currently mixed in with the marketplace listings. I’m presuming that’s not on purpose, right?

Edit: Oh, I think I understand now. When someone clicks on ‘More’ then the search option changes and searches are done within all the listings- the Basic Listings alongside the Premium ones. I don’t know. It seems rather confusing to me.

I want to add that the current situation where potential buyers can search through the Basic Listings and the Premium Listings together- seems strange since potential buyers think they’re searching through a curated marketplace and can end up down the rabbit hole in the wild wild west if they get to ‘all categories’.

There are some Basic Listings with very high prices and their quality is naturally all over the place since they’re not curated and the users assign the price. I saw some wild Basic Listings doing a random search. This situation affects the visibility of the Premium Listings in general and for me- also in regard to my more expensive domains when sorted via the sort by price ‘high to low’ filter. I don’t think this clutter will be helpful to buyers or sellers. I think the Basic Listings should be totally separate from the Premium ones and have a different search.

I’ll consider the situation and see if/how it unfolds but the current implementation doesn’t seem positive to me and if things stay the same- at some point I might have to consider my more expensive domains’ inclusion in the marketplace if I feel like their visibility is hindered by Basic Listings. Because in an exclusive marketplace with sizable commissions, I expect the marketplace to be curated and show relevant search results of the exclusive inventory at all times- not include in the search results random non-exclusive domains people registered and decided to price at whatever price they felt like (often unrealistic). For that there are enough non-exclusive marketplaces.`

@Grant I’d appreciate your input. Thanks.



I’ve had a look around and from a sellers point of view, it’s great. The basic listing names get indexed, they ‘look’ like they are part of one thing so it’s not confusing to buyers (if you split premium and basic, you might as well say all basic names are second class). I love it as it is and intend to start transferring lots of names to SH now, thanks.

I do agree with @moretal that it could be taken advantage of, sellers can add any price, and whilst high priced lower class names just won’t sell, they will clog up the marketplace, though in my brief look around I’ve not seen anything really obvious to me (overpriced low quality).

A suggestion would be that SH review the price of any basic listing over $2,000? And/Or there be a restriction on adding anything over 10/12 letters? This will discourage people listing anything over that amount, but won’t put off any bigger domain sellers that might only come here for a landing page. I can’t really think of another quick and easy way to run this without taking up too much of SH’s time.

@AbleBrands. I have a dumb question. What’s the difference between premuim and basic domains? I have marketplace domains and they all say premium.

Premium domains have been approved by Squadhelp and are listed in the marketplace. These can be entered into contests at the premium price.

You can also list other domains, SH gives you a landing page, these are known as basic domains. If you enter these into contests, you only get the contest prize.

@AbleBrands Let’s say the marketplace is an exclusive online painting gallery where curated art is being offered for sale. There’s an option to search through the gallery’s inventory. Now, one day the gallery’s owner decides to let anyone upload their own paintings to the site regardless of the quality, assign prices to them and include them in the search results. So a 5 year old can doodle something, upload it, assign a $50,000 price and this name will appear alongside the serious paintings. Does that make sense?

That’s exactly what including Basic Listings in search results for the marketplace does. Remember, this is an exclusive marketplace and now, non-exclusive search results are shown to people who search through it alongside and at the expense of the exclusive inventory. can now be uploaded with a $30,000 price tag and appear in search results instead of something relevant. In fact, I saw a domain similar to that. I’m sorry but that makes zero sense to me and negates the whole point of an exclusive curated marketplace. Imagine any exclusive domain marketplace including in its search results any random domain that the users own with their own pricing. It’s chaos, it’s misleading to the potential buyers and it directly affects the exclusive domains’ visibility.


Thank you as always!

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Yes, what you are saying makes sense and I do agree with you.

If the basic names are not listed though, the chances of them ranking in Google is much much lower and all the benefits of listing at SH are lost. In short, it won’t be worth moving names from marketplaces that list and/or advertise our domains as all we’d get here is a landing page (and the ability to submit them to contests for the contest prize, and no one will do that with a quality domain). If there are two marketplaces (a premium and a basic) you might as well name them ‘great names’ and ‘rubbish names’ so that doesn’t really work in my opinion.

There has to be some middle ground. A way to encourage quality domainers to list their names here and to keep the majority of the rubbish out. I made a suggestion above but I’m not sure that would be practical for SH. Another suggestion I’ve thought of is that ALL basic listings come below premium listings, so at least if a rubbish name gets through, it’s listed right at the bottom.

I think between us, we’ve highlighted the good and bad points of this. Hopefully, SH can come up with some sort of compromise. :slight_smile:


@AbleBrands Your suggestion regarding the price is good, but I don’t think the price is the only problem.

I don’t know what’s the solution but IMO a marketplace can’t be both exclusive and non-exclusive within the same search results. When non-curated self priced domains are included in the search results alongside curated Premium inventory- the marketplace becomes non-exclusive and the value of the curation and the pricing of the Premium inventory are undermined. As we both know, non-exclusive marketplaces have their merits but they’re mostly filled with junk.

Now, if SH will decide that Premium domains are also non-exclusive- that’s a different story. I don’t think it’s a good idea but if that would happen- I’ll be able to list my domains elsewhere and treat the SH marketplace like any other non-exclusive marketplace where prices and curation don’t mean anything. But when I’m giving exclusivity and a nice chunk of sales to SH- I think my domains shouldn’t lose visibility because of random self priced non-exclusive domains that are included in the search results.

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not sure if this helps, but its a quote from the link able listed above about basic domains:

“These names will not be visible in our curated marketplace section, but they will be visible under your domain portfolio.”

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@LisaMac Thanks. That’s exactly the problem. Contrary to what SH defined- the Basic Listings are visible in the curated marketplace.

I find that the search tool in the marketplace doesn’t work right anyway and hasn’t for a long time. For example, if you go to the page and click on a the category tech, the first name you get is puropia, which doesn’t even have tech in their search categories.

Edit: As far as the search for basic listings within the curated marketplace goes, I understood, as was pointed out, that the basic listings would not be listed with the curated names. Maybe SH has put the search in there temporarily until they finish what they were planning to do with Basic Listings? When I go look at marketplace listings, I am not seeing a ton of basic listings come up. In fact, none of mine were there at all so I had to go do some work on them to add some categories, etc.

Another thing I found in the Basic listings that I would ask SH to change: There is a MINIMUM price. (I think it is $799?). Anyway, I understand that SH gets bottom line $300 commission (or 15%, whichever is higher) but I have some names that I wanted to list for like $399, knowing that. Can that be changed?


:microphone: You gotta keep’em separated :microphone:


Just my 2 cents, but you’re underpricing :wink:

I feel like premium and basic should be seperate for all of your points. Well said.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share some thoughts based on the feedback in this thread.

First, it is important to note that Basic listings are not being displayed within the Premium Marketplace. The user must take a very specific path in order to search the entire database (Premium and Basic).

However, we do understand that the current display could lead to confusion. We will work on an update in the near future. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to pursue any solutions that require the monitoring of Basic listings.


I’m very happy to hear that SH will be providing an access point on their site for the Basic Listing domains. That’s a game changer for me and I will be listing some names on SH Basic due to this change.

I understand the concerns about mucking up the curated marketplace but I think Marketplace/Premium Domains are getting premium exposure since a shopper has to click on MORE and select a category to see the Basic Listing domains. I think most search via keyword or just browse the marketplace. So Basic Listings are still secondary.

Later, if it becomes a mucky muck due to a confluence of low quality/high priced names then maybe the system can be amended to negate unintended side effects. Right now it’s more of a fear than a reality.

SH is very flexible and adaptable. If the Basic Listings are getting in the way of Premium domains I think they will adjust as they have done so many times before.

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Thanks for the reply and consideration @grant. Glad to hear that you guys will try to eliminate this confusion and hopefully end up with a situation where Basic Listings won’t be blended in with Premium listings, even if it’s just when a potential buyer takes a specific path. @GibbonTake IMO blending in random non-exclusive names into an a exclusive marketplace even if it’s only via search results and the premium ones are still getting most of the attention- is a bad idea and isn’t what I signed up for. I have some high end domains listed here exclusively and for that exclusivity I expect that searches will be 100% from the exclusive inventory and that random names priced by users won’t get in the way. Regardless of the high end ones I also think this situation hurts all premium Listings visibility and on top of that- it’s confusing and misleading to send clients into a curated marketplace and then change it up while they’re searching and include results that aren’t curated. Anyway… I’ll wait and see how SH tackles this. Thanks again, SH team!