Yo-yo Entry Ratings

Is it just me, or it really frustrating to get a no thank you, that turns into a like, then a love, then an on the right track…all in like 5 min? I know rating must be hard, but geez…a little feedback about why the rating is all over the place would be nice.


Daisy, yes it is! I do think that there may be something wrong with the buttons they push, though. I remember some CHs saying they have trouble with the ratings buttons. Sometimes they are trying to do one thing but it ends up like you describe.

But today…literally all day…I’ve had no ratings. So I’d prefer something to nothing!


Same boat here. No one seems to be rating, and then the one rating I did get bounced like a beach ball.


UNshortlisting just because you’ve chosen another name is not cool. Just sayin’
What a day