Yet another idea

there are so many domains that are bought and held for auction at various prices- Im surprised that sh doesnt allow for this - sometimes a domain is available at a reasonable price that a ch might be willing to pay - at the moment they dont have an option to request a name held for auction within a certain price range


I have thought the same thing.In fact sometimes CH’s will say they will buy a domain for up to x amount…but we don’t have the capabilty to offer it to them.


That is an excellent point and idea.


when people are requesting say 4 or 5 letter names they may not be aware that we cant offer names held for auction at the moment therefore we are a bit limited

Im not sure how you would check that these names had been used though

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They have often mentioned what they would be willing to pay for a name but we can’t tell them because there is not an extra link or space to add a listed for sale domain link. I think this is a very good idea.

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@Jose, it is a good idea and something we have considered in the past. However, we plan to stay out of the “after market” domains for now. There are issues about IP, and other complications with after market names that make this a bit impractical for us.

i remember there was one that asked for these type of names but I think the contest got canceled in the end - it was an art app contest