Yep..I'm discouraged


Decided I don’t want to post this. I think we all feel discouraged at times…but it doesn’t change anything to vent! Thanks!


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I know a lot of us are in the same boat, and it can all turn on a dime…[/quote]

Exactly!!! - You gotta remember that we are competing against hundreds of other extremely talented Creatives, and a lot of time, it’s just “the luck of the draw,” Honey.

I am humbled and amazed every time I pull off a win, and during those “dry spells,” I just keep plugging away and doing the best I can.

{Hugs & Smooches} :kissing_heart:


I decided to delete my post instead of venting…as you are right…we all have “dry spells” and there’s nothing special about my situation. But I do thank you for answering and your support! I am going to try to “suck it up” and just hope my luck turns soon. Since my 2 year anniversary is coming up on Friday…I had wished to hit 75 wins…but unless something magical happens in the next few days, I am going to fall short. But,hey…I still am grateful for every win that comes my way! Hugs to you too,honey!


Happy Anniversary (soon) to you, Holly! You’re an awesome creative and the tide will change for you. :heart_eyes_cat:


To put things in perspective for you, @hollygirl, and others and why I look up to all of you … I have been here a year. I have had 7 wins. 5 splits (when we were still under the random luck of the draw way) and 2 actual wins where people actually selected a name for the one, and a tagline for the other. You’ve been here two years and accumulated so much more. Your names are always so brilliant and fun too and I really like your quirky ones that you’ve had. You and so many others are like idols to me, you all have inspired me to actually study branding and marketing for this past year and I can now say that I know quite a bit (although it doesn’t seem to do much of any good here, sometimes it does in rare occasions). So I have you all to thank for inspiring me to expand my knowledge about something that someday may come in handy.

For me, I have hundreds of likes and dozens of loves, I just am rarely chosen. I’ve been complimented on the amount of time, thought, originality, and research I put into my submissions and I’ve also been complimented many times on my writing abilities – I just have yet to hit that mark for most contests. They seem to like and love all of this but others have amazing talents too. Like you and so many others. I keep telling all of you that I look up to you and I admire you and all these great names you come up with and I mean it. If it weren’t for you all, I would have quit a long time ago.

Some of these names that win are complete headscratchers for me, go against everything I have recently learned in branding, and often part of the no-nos that you try to avoid as a startup or business owner because how quickly the name can expire, or how the public may react to it, or TM issues, or many other things. I won’t submit things along the lines that some of the winning ones do, because to me … it’s not about winning first – it’s about actually finding something that will work for the CH, the business, the product, and not be too gimmicky or like 5 million other businesses out there. Alas, it works for some people, though. I won’t put my need of winning, money, or improving my stats above actually trying to help CHs and their businesses. So many of you that I admire, I’ve noticed that you try so hard to avoid those gimmicky, cliche, just like a-b-c to the 45th degree type names as well and that is why I always try to check the recent board once a week and like the ones that follow what I’ve learned and what makes sense. You and several others are always up there and always getting my likes. But I think those names that we try to stray from most times is what makes us not win a lot of the time.

That’s what is so iffy about these types of things. Some people crowdsource to avoid doing and then think that their job starts and ends at that. Not true. Not in my opinion, at least. With this type of crowdsourcing, I’m a full advocate of making informed decisions. You have to be informed and understand certain aspects, elements, and factors before making a decision that’s going to be beneficial or harmful. If we try to take these things into mind and submit along with that and the companies’ ideals – sometimes our submissions aren’t going to be as ‘millennial’ ‘hipster’ or uber google wannabes as they’re hoping for. Sure, there are going to be those submissions that are and seem cool at the time, but will it be beneficial for them in the long run? That’s what I struggle with and some of us do. We aim to please, we aim to actually be ‘creative’ and sometimes the creativeness falls flat.

However, I implore you to think of all those aspects you do think of, all the time you do put into this, all those times it takes you an hour just to come up with one good name (only to get a NTY), all those loves and likes you actually get, all the times you are shortlisted, and all the times you can be proud of your name (despite rating, win or losing) and know that is a sign that you’re still doing well. A lot of you have talent, and like hollywood and like art – harsh critiques don’t mean that you’re not great and that you’re not talented. Your rating (on each entry) and your percentage do nothing to speak for your true abilities as it’s based upon personal opinion (sometimes informed, sometimes not). Everyone’s opinions differ for different reasons and everyone has different things they think is talent/art/creativity. You’re still here, you’re still hanging in there, and while faith and self-esteem wans, ebbs, and flows – you still have talent which will be of use, just have to keep putting yourself out there to find the one that will appreciate all you offer for them.

Hang in there to you, and to all that need a pick-me-up. Hope this helps and inspires you to just go ‘onto the next’ and keep trying. :heart:

By the way, happy anniversary too!


I wish there were a “best comment ever” button I could push on this @rareworthy. I totally agree, too. Thanks for the inspiring post.


Thanks so much! I so agree with you! Not that I have never “sold out” and submitted or won with a name I felt was less than worthy…I feel as you do…if I am attaching my name to it…then I want it to be a name that makes sense, has “legs” and I can be proud of. It is very,very discouraging to give what you feel are stellar names and get them rejected or ho hum ratings…while the winning name is like you say, as “head scratcher”. I too have been puzzled by names that I can’t even figure out how you’d say them, or there are dozens of companies in the exact same field that have the exact same name,or they are so simplistic the CH could have thought of them themselves, etc,etc.I think we’ve all been frustrated by that, and have to remember it’s the CH’s dime, and not everyone has the same taste.Everyone has their own style, and have different things to offer.So that’s a good thing as it gives the CH variety.So as you say…we can just offer what we do, and hope that the right situation comes up for us eventually. You message was so timely, as I literally felt like crying because my entry,who was the lone love it and single shortlist in a particular contest…once again…just got demoted to an otrt and took me out of winning position. This is the 4th time this week I have been in a winning position and got knocked off of it for some reason or another.So I appreciate your pep talk and perspective. Thank you! It does help to know there are so many nice people here who are going thru the same things you are and understand your discouragement at times.I will try to be more like the “Little Engine That Could”…instead of feeling like I am in a really hard game of “Chutes and Ladders” at present…with more chutes than ladders! lol!


Holly, sometimes I swear you and I are on exactly the same track. I am in the same boat as you right now and my watchlist is HUGE with unfinished business. I keep having to take off contests where I got downgraded for unknown and unexplained reasons. I am super frustrated and feeling like you.


I’m glad I could help a little bit and don’t worry, I’ve gotten demoted several times the past two weeks too, no explanation, and a few of them I was the only one to get demoted too. Or there were two contests where I was recently told that my names were the best ones and those didn’t turn out. Just the way the cookie crumbles, let’s get a glass of milk and keep on going!


I feel your pain @hollygirl. Chin Up! Hopefully the wins will turn Up, too!


Correction, I meant to say a six month period. Not the past six months. Thanks.


If I may contribute my 2 cent’s worth… I think the best way to treat Squadhelp is as a fun hobby that can help make some extra income, provide a sense of gratification when a contest is won and possibly become the stepping stone for something else, like copywriting/branding/domaining. When it becomes about the orange faces, the points, an unsatisfactory “win ratio” or analyzing the winners’ board for (subjectively) subpar names… it can become a source of aggravation rather than what it should be. Take what comes your way, ignore the faces, ignore the winners’ board (or just learn from the entries you appreciate) and participate in contests only in such capacity that allows you to enjoy it- and you’ll be a happy creative. And also free up time for other things that can provide much joy & $. Either way… I hope your dry spell will end soon!


well put moreral, believe me gettung mad isnt worth it…


Well Said @rareworthy

@hollygirl don’t be discouraged. I’ll be here two years on Dec.1st I’ve won 12 and been awarded 13. Looks like I average one a month. Usually have loves/like/shortlisted/great feedback & comments but it doesn’t make a difference. I lose way more than I win, but I’m always happy for the one that did win. Domain registrations bother me alot more than losing to a another great creative. Always love the…“this name has already been submitted into this contest”. Reminds me that I am in the company of greatness.
Chin up buttercup…and keep on chugging along…it just wouldn’t be the same without you here!!!


[quote=“Commulinks, post:8, topic:2353”]
…my watchlist is HUGE with unfinished business[/quote]
I know, right? :scream: - :smiley:


Think I’m gonna go into discouraging mode lol@ hollygirl. It looks like the Trending thing to do. You are scattered well throughout the top trenders. You knipted a good turn around in the bud!! Glad to see it :+1:


Wow, put me on the discouraged list. : ) Was it this hard to win a contest 4 months ago?


Thanks! That’s sweet of you.However…I have been in a trending love it position quite often, but for some reason can’t translate it into a win.So I will just keep plugging alongside the rest of you,and be hopeful.Sending good vibes for everyone for a win! :0)