WOW...I wonder who?

Hey you great creators…I wonder whose brain is synced with mine(scarey-huh!) WOW I just enterd what I thought was a brilliant name…ONLY to see it’s already been submitted-I had to flush that idea​:wink::wink:…Can’t wait to see which name is picked Just WoW​:smile::smile:

CONGRATS @Aldaisy1 …on your win although wasn’t the name I tried to enter…IT FITS THE BUSINESS​:+1::+1:


The names I think are brilliant beforehand usually get no thanks or get overlooked. Hence I try not to judge the merit of a name till they get rated or better win the contest.


That just blew away seeing the name had already been submitted…anxious to see if it wins😀

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I recently had the same thing happen and it took forever for a winner to be selected. In the end the winner wasn’t the name I tried to enter so I guess it wasn’t as great as I thought lol which is actually a good thing because now I can use it going forward if applicable, so it’s cool :grin: