Word game (brainstorming, phrase)

Hello guys, I need a suggestions of a hobby or games in appstore that you’ve played to get better in naming. Actually i am not bad in naming but my resources of grammar, words & phrase are very limited to the .com because i am starting as a domainer. So overall submission of my names either madeup word or trendy startup name. If any word game apps you could suggests i’d appreciated.

No one will answer because they don’t like giving away secrets… lol. I have a notebook and a thesaurus app. I write down words I like or are different in the notebook and refer to it when I enter contests. :blush:


LOL @Kelperky!!!
Also, I don’t play any word games or use the app store so I had nuttin.
I actually hate my cell phone and use it only for texting and an occasional phone call.


I don’t have any special secrets to share…What I’ve realized is if I had read/researched as much in my school days as I do now…Who knows I could’ve given Hillary a run for the money​:smiley::smiley:…js I read and read and read some more from sites all around the world when I don’t quiet have a good feel for a ch’s direction!

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