WLM - what's the point and how to promote it


I’m just wondering what’s the point for WLM? Does anyone use it with any success? How do you promote it? I imagine having a separate site for your domains is great from the perspective of having ONLY your names displayed. But in reality, if you are not getting any visitors to that site, what is the point? Am I missing something?

I use mine to drive people to only my listings. I don’t have a ton of WLM-only listings - but I do have a lot of premium listings on SH that are included on my WLM. I also have another website of my own which I am keeping because I do a lot with it. So I use all of my tools to drive people to MY names. I like the search tool on WLM. The other point is that the sales go through SH, which I like so I don’t have to hassle with that. And because I have everything on SH (plus Afternic), I like having the central location.


The point is low commission of 7.5% instead of 30%, plus you are able to list non premium domains with custom logo and lifestyle image.

How to promote it is the part I am not expert in, I only used Twitter so far but I am also thinking about trying LinkedIn to promote it also. I think Linkedin is the best place to promote premium domains because all CEOs and entrepreneurs are active at Linkedin.


Okay, but how are you getting people to your WLM in the first place? How are you promoting it?

Well, I said in another string that I was concerned about the number of views being really low on WLM but I do promote on Twitter and on my own website which gets its own traffic. I think the point of having the WLM, though, is mainly the search tool. When I can get people there to view any of my names (many are not WLM-only), then they have at least some chance. I haven’t had m y WLM that long. I don’t know if it is going to be beneficial or not. I do get why you are asking. Compared to like Afternic alone, the natural traffic isn’t there. But, I believe SH said that they will be included in one of the two marketplace search areas on their site. They are going to have a premium search area and an “all” search area. I look forward to seeing if traffic picks up from that.

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