WLM: more themes & customization options wanted

I really like “Professional” theme home page, but I am very disappointed with the domain landing page. I don’t like the small logo image at the right, and there is no way to display the lifestyle image, also the description is pushed below big ugly buy now box, making it hard to notice

On the otherhand in “Modern” theme I don’t like the home page, but I like the domain landing page a lot because it is very close to SH standard landing page and it shows larger image for the logo along with lifestyle image, and description is shown immediately under the logo.

What I wish is to use the home page design from “Professional” theme and landing page design from “Modern” theme, or at least give me option for “Modern” theme with wide header image similar to "Professional theme.

Also we need more style customization options like buttons colors, text colors…etc

More themes and customization will be welcomed


I absolutely agree. My logo gets lost in the tiny box in the upper right.

We also need some ways to influence which names appear at the top of the list on the homepage.

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Thanks for the feedback. We have now added the ability for sellers to select different themes for homepage vs Landing Page vs Listings page.


@healingsites Have you tried using the “Feature” option for your names. This allows you to force which names appear on the top of the Marketplace.


@Grant Thanks! I see a “Make Featured” option in standard listings but not in featured listings. These are really the ones I’d like higher on my homepage.

Thanks Grant. It’s time for me to watch the video again.

Thank a lot for listening to my feedback, I just tried the new customization options and they are awesome I am very happy with the end result :slight_smile:

There is another little thing need fixing: for domains with both logo & style image only logo is shown and style image never shows up (there is no images slider)


@grant, i think the feature option is not working on wlm, i choosed one already, but didnt show up on home page and listing page of my wlm.

Set Domain Featured on Home Page and Listings Page.

Choose a rank of 1 to 50 (1 = Highest). Domains will be ordered in this rank on your homepage, as well as on the Listings page.

i choosed one, but didnt work. The name didnt go up to 1st page.


@Grant, in case in wlm we also promote sh domains, i hope we still be able to put our own domains on top of the listing page. thank you.
Example, if somebody search for fashion, then our own domains which will show up on top of the page. ( or at least we can choose which domain that we want to put on 1st page or 2nd page, etc. )

Please @grant Grant , dear Squadhelp, i want to put my own domains on top of my page at my own marketplace.


Same here. I tried to add featured listing to a few and it did nothing. Have waited 2-3 days to see if it needed time. :thinking: :thinking: I have no idea where these names are “featured” lol.

Also I tried the select background color homepage theme and it looks good but the button colors are not uniform for the entire site. Looks very un-uniform. Grey footer looks odd too so I made my site text grey to see if it gets offset. I think a black footer would look better.

Not sure if SH knows this already but the site is getting F rating in Speed Tests.


@grant, so i really try to promote whole sh portfolio on my wlm.

  1. I want a commission in case a visitor from my wlm purchase names on squadhelp instead. I read about referral ( contest referral, and domain referral, share the link and get $35 ), so something related to that.
  2. I want to be able to put my own names on top of my page ( landing page and also listing page, and on every of categories page, after a customer search something ie fashion, investment, consulting, etc

thank you