WLM - Make offer thresholds not working properly

I am having an issue with the WLM where min offer thresholds are not working properly. I will use one of my listings as an example:

As you can see, the listing price is $13500 with discount, i have chosen 10% min offer threshold in my WLM preferences. The min offer for the name that a buyer can give should be $1350, but it is asking for a min offer of $9450.

anyone else having this same issue?

It seems to be working fine for me with 40% as threshold. Did you try clearing your cache?

My biggest issue on the pages is with the instalments showing as 12 months default but price is calculated with 3 months like shown below.

I changed my preference on my WLM name to be price plus make an offer but the make an offer isn’t showing on them now.