WLM lacks the option to shortlist names

Hello everybody!

So, I noticed that since I created my WLM, my landing pages don’t show the option for a name to be liked (shortlisted). I find it quite unfair to be honest. Why is this only possible if you use SH landers (which is only possible without WLM set up)? Also noticed some other differences - like the voice feature is also missing from WLM. So setting this up for standard listings is pretty much pointless, as there is now way to use it. Even if name servers are pointed at SH, domain names redirect to the lander on your WLM where shortlisting and voice features are missing. Planned price increases are also not displayed.
It feels like SH gives you a tool that they don’t really want you to use.


I noticed this a long time ago and wrote about it somewhere here. + There is a lack of display of how many buyers would like to purchase a domain. This information is just statistics and has nothing to do with advertising, as it is for premium domains. Therefore, I consider it necessary to add shortlists and potential purchases to the WLM pages.


I asked for this long ago, too. But it doesn’t matter much, since my WLM names get nearly no views to begin with.


I am considering switching back to normal SH landers. I feel like having the WLM set up is more likely to hurt my sales than actually help them. I can easily build something on WooCommerce instead and set my domains as affiliate products linking to SH landers, which will at least give me more freedom when it comes to design and site content. Very disappointed of the WLM feature to be fair. It looks like an ill-planned compromise.


I don’t see how it would be possible to have the option to shortlist names on the WLM.

A user has to be signed in to SH to shortlist names on SH (obviously). If we want that option on our WLM then they would have to register and sign in to SH first… and if you send them to SH to do that, then they ain’t ever coming back to your WLM!


Able, don’t confuse shortlists in contests and when buying domains. Our WLMs should be able to display information if the client really liked them and he is ready to buy them. In any case, the customer can go to the SH, since I personally have the addresses of the SH in the contact details. It is important for us to know which our standart domains are most popular.


Yes, exactly. I don’t mean contest shortlists but the simple likes. There is no footprints left on my WLM otherwise and I wouldn’t know if a name is favoured or not by visitors. Where if I was to use standard SH landers (no WLM set up) then my names would gain some hearts which helps making analysis about names in portfolio. What I mean is that WLM takes more from sellers than it gives to them. Not to mention that it’s not really white-label since the footer is full of SquadHelp branding no matter what. As I said it looks like a compromise. Also what about the voice feature - how is this related in any way to signing up to SH? Why am I setting it up if I can’t use it?

Thanks for your feedback.

The WLM is just a few months old, in comparison to the premium section which has been around for a few years. Our goal is to continue adding more and more features to the WLM that are technically feasible.

The features which we will likely not be able to add to WLM are the ones that require a user to sign in or create an account. Adding a domain to the shortlist is one of those features.

On the other hand the WLM includes several features that are not included on the main SH website. For example:

  • Ability to view heatmaps and live user recordings. This feature alone can offer significant insights about how buyers are exploring your names.

  • Ability to upload your own Logo designs

  • Full Google Analytics integration

  • Ability to see prospect’s full contact details if they agree to share it.

Ultimately, it is up to each seller to decide whether or not a certain solution works fo their portfolio. The good thing is that there is no cost to setup a WLM, so you can try it for some time, and you can switch to other alternatives if you find that the WLM solution does not meet your needs.

We encourage everyone to continue to share their feedback on how we can further improve the WLM as well as the SH platform in general. We will continue to prioritize our roadmap based upon the ongoing feedback from our community.


Grant, is it technically possible to abandon the WLM page and return the domains to the SH’s landing page?

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To Grant: Thanks for explaining in details. I’ve been thinking about the signing up moment, and yes, I can see how this might be an issue. Hopefully the WLMs and SH main site will in future get somehow more interconnected though. I’ve been also using the MS Clarity integration - it’s deff a good option as I could see visits by countries and watch recordings. In regards to uploading our own logo designs - this is an option, but only if we give up on the added exposure and retargeting. I prefer to pay $5 and have an approved designer to make the logo so I can benefit from exposure, retargeting an ability to submit standard listings to contests. Only if logos had the same quality as those for premium listings, that would’ve been just perfect.

To Edukar: I found a way around. In the WLM settings leave it to “Promote my own listings” but change Landing Page Destination from “My marketplace” to “SquadHelp marketplace”. Solves the problem with the shortlisting and the voice feature at least. Visitors who type in your names in their browsers or follow links will still land at SH, but at the same time you can keep the WLM and promote it under your own brand. So visitors who type in your WLM URL or follow links to it will land on the WLM. Share your names URLs like “yourdomain.com” if you want to send somebody directly to SH site, and use links like “yourmarketplace.com/name/yourdomain.com” to send to the offer page at your WLM instead. I made the experiment on Twitter and Facebook and thumbnails look exactly the same - they display logo or visual image. Hopefully this helps. Otherwise if you want to completely remove the WLM, contact support via chat. You won’t be able to do it on your own.


Thanks for the tip about the landing page destination! Now, if only SH could recreate the searchable ‘3rd party listings’ in the Premium Domain marketplace like they use to.

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