WLM doesn't show that the logo is included

Hey everyone!

I wonder what you think about this. Is it an issue or the way it should be?

I’ve made the logo for my domain at WML and uploaded the full package: Main Logo image, Square Logo image, and the vector Adobe Illustrator file. But when I go to the landing page, in the “What’s Included” section there is not a single word about the logo. So it actually feels like a waste of time - it takes work, sometimes a lot of work to create this full package and the buyer doesn’t even know it’s included. And is it even included? I’ve found nothing about it in the knowledge database and the support staff also don’t seem to be informed regarding the subject either.

What are your thoughts on this? If someone spent a day or more creating a full raster + vector logo package for a domain name should it be included and that fact clearly shown on the domain page? Or the way it is now is just fine?

Thanks for reading and replying! :slight_smile: