Withdrawn entries change---Update: SH FIXED IT!


Thanks for the reply! That’s what I’ve been doing so I don’t know where I’m going wrong along the line??? I press the “submit a domain you own” fill in the little form, choose basic listing etc and it comes up with the message “already been submitted to marketplace” which is true, I listed it but then deleted it, (which I,shouldn’t have done argh!) Im sure the answer is out there somewhere! Or like a loon I am missing a really simple obvious thing!


Please submit this issue directly to our Customer Service Team using the blue button on any page of Squadhelp.com, so we can troubleshoot your situation specifically.


Thanks I will do! I just posted it here in case anyone else was having the same issue and there was an answer, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed a glaringly obvious thing right in front of my face!

Thank you!


I blue buttoned it, apparently nothing can be done! Boo hoo me :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I wish it had come up with a “don’t do it!!!” Warning! Maybe that’s something that could be looked at in the future, given its a personally owned domain? Fingers crossed!


Hi! Can someone assist me with my problem? When I upload a profile image the updated one renders a black screen. It doesn’t look attractive to a contest host. Thank you!


Hi @Maks - I have reported this to the Customer Service Team to look into.