Withdrawn entries change---Update: SH FIXED IT!

I wanted to let other creatives know that SH made a change. If an entry is withdrawn, then you cannot resub that name. We weren’t made aware of this so I thought I would tell you. This is a problem when you withdraw an entry and need to resub it. An example is if the CH wanted more than one domain extension and you forgot to sub both in your original entry and wanted to correct it. (Which happened to me).

It would be MOST beneficial if SH would work on the system so we can EDIT our entries. This has been a problem for a long time. I wanted to edit one recently when I accidentally made a typo and then couldn’t.


This is what I referenced before- with the whole PinkPony commotion I made a while ago. :frowning:


I’ve had his happen to me, and when I tried to resubmit it, it said the entry has been submitted. I’m like by whom?


I’m glad you brought this up, Clinks. I found out the hard way as well


I have had that problem you brought up, too.


Okay I felt like I was crazy when I said it a few weeks ago and no one was behind me :joy::two_hearts:

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There are ways around your PinkPony problem but they aren’t good ones.

I agree- I don’t want the winning name to say PinkPonyCo.
Are you having the same issue as PinkPony or is this another issue, maybe a BluePony issue?

I have several issues related to this. Your PinkPony issue is a good example. Also when I need to edit…need to resub because I want to give more domain options…etc.

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So an expanse of PinkPony. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same horse.

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I guess the solution to the problem of creatives submitting an entry permanently withdrawn by other creatives previously, gave birth to a new problem.

I wonder if a change can be made, so the system can recognize if the guy submitting an entry is the same guy who withdrew it earlier and allow him to do so?


up up up, agreed @lightless

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As pointed out by @lightless, this issue was due to a recent update that was done to prevent creatives from submitting entries that have been submitted (and withdrawn) by other creatives.

We have now made a change and creatives should now be able to resubmit their own names if they had previously withdrawn them from that contest.


That’s great @grant - thank you guys for taking the time to correct this :slight_smile: We all appreciate it.


Thank you @Grant! Whew! That is so helpful to us. I’ll submit a name then realize I didn’t check all the domain extensions that were offered. Now, this fixes my goofs


Thanks @Grant and the team! I so appreciate the fix!


grant what about a slight change? I do know we can resubmit, but for most of us, the reason we withdrew was to correct something. I’m with the other creatives, it’s aweful when you have a great name and try to tweak it then lose the ability to correct. We wouldn’t bother with a name that doesn’t sing.

I must have missed the PinkPony thing. What is this about PinkPony?

We can submit PinkPony.com but not PinkPonyCo.com?

I thought I’d ask here just in case anyone else had the same thought request. It’d be really great too if we could resubmit the domains that we personally own to our little marketplace section if we had withdrawn them. I recently withdrew one but realised I’d made a mistake and when I went to resubmit it back it wouldn’t allow me as it had “already been submitted to the marketplace”. I thought perhaps as it was a domain I personally own I would have been able to do this? Is it possible for this to be rectified in the future? Thank you for listening/reading!

Whiteisland, If you sub it as a domain you own, the system will take it even if it was rejected before. In other words, don’t use “My Entries” to sub it. Use the bottom that says submit a name I own.