Withdrawing nty ratings

I think I am learning a lesson. For some reason,I feel better if I remove no thank you names instead of them taunting me when I go back to the contest. Yet in the last week or so I have had two “nty” names suddenly elevated to love its.I guess I never thought of that being a possibility…so I wonder now how many times I have shot myself in the foot so to speak,by removing no thank you names. Has anyone else had this experience? Does it happen very much?


Hi Hollygirl, I have had this happen so many times where a “no thank you” has gone to a “Love It” and even shortlisted after the contest has closed. It is always a nice surprise.


This is why Clinks, myself, and several others of us have talked about this before and all said we’ve pretty much come to this conclusion as well as our own personal ones, that sometimes it’s better just to leave them. However, I will point out that sometimes leaving them doesn’t reflect well either. I’ve noticed it may be a case, sometimes that if I get some, some ch’s seem to almost ignore and not rate any entry I offer out thereafter. No matter what I say or do. Just seen, not rated. At that point I move on, especially if they’ve not said anything to me and just given me ratings.


I withdraw mine. I just wouldn’t feel right leaving them, because even if they were re-rated better later, it would be like the CH had to talk themselves into liking them, and I don’t want that. Everyone deserves a name they love. :slight_smile:

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Leave them!!!
!.) I have won more than one contest with NTY rating. Just last week in a contest that had likes.
2.) If your name is registered and you removed it…you have no recourse.

@ALDaisy1 I understand how you feel about re-rated names. However on more than one occasion the CH doing the original ratings have other people to consult, market testing, trademark research etc Often times the name they originally liked just wont work for them, so it’s back to the list to find something that will.


[quote=“LisaMac, post:5, topic:2433”]
I have won more than one contest with NTY rating. Just last week in a contest that had likes.[/quote]
Hmmm, OK - Maybe I’ll re-think deleting mine too. :open_mouth:


As Rare said, I do not withdraw entries. First of all… SO much time consumed doing it. And the no recourse thing is super important. But there’s another reason, too,… a CH said recently that they got duplicate entries and I had never thought about that before. It causes them more work. There are some circumstances when I withdraw entries, though. I.E., I don’t participate in many non guaranteed contests and when I get a NTY, I withdraw. I know I have won contests on NTYs before (rarely). I’ve won contests at every rating level. Not so much recently though. In fact, I’m not winning anything these days. ARGGGH.


I am learning so much in these forums.Just so grateful to all of you creative people!!!