Withdraw All option?


@Dan, I’m sure this may have already been asked or mentioned, but I was just wondering if SH could consider adding a “withdraw all entries” option for when we completely bomb and get 20 "nah"s in a row and want to withdraw all of them at once?


I actually brought it up before but I don’t think the option was really considered. That bombing out thing happens to me more times than I care to remember so that option would be helpful.


Yep…it’s kind of an epidemic,isn’t it? It would be helpful to be able to delete them all at once. I one time by accident hit best entry instead of delete on a nah.Luckily I was able to catch it before it marked it my best entry…lol!


On a similar note I’d love to be able to edit a submitted name. Not because it was not liked and I want to tweak it, but maybe I have a spelling error or I realize I use a word but I wasn’t supposed to use in there etc.


Yes! @AmandaWhite I was actually hoping for an edit function as well.


@kreativekim, we have deliberately not added this option, because it can lead to accidental deletion of all entries in a contest. We might reconsider this in future, but for now, we prefer to keep this option for individual entries, to minimize any unintended deletions.


@AmandaWhite, we do not allow editing of entries because it can lead to significant level of confusion. Contest holders may not go back to the entries they have already seen, and if that entry was edited later, it might get missed. Similarly, they might have rated something low or high, but if the entry can be modified by the contestants after the fact, that rating may no longer be valid. We believe the cleanest approach is to keep all entries as non editable, and in case of any accidental errors, it is better to delete that original entry and submit a new one.


Very good points, @Dan, thanks for responding!


How about making it editable until seen by the CH?


How about check boxes to delete more than one entry at a time? More efficient than one-at-a-time withdrawal but less dangerous than withdraw-all.


Not sure where to post this but I’m not able to figure out how to withraw an entry on mobile.