Wins Allocated to Wrong Month?

Just wondering how this is determined…my bar chart on my account shows 3 September wins and 1 October win. On the winners page, going by the dates won, it shows 2 wins for each month…9/7, 9/18 and 10/5 , 2 wins that day. Can you clarify this? Shouldn’t my bar chart match the winners page?

@Annie, on the user page, we show the wins against the same month the contest launched (because we show that in a side by side format). On winners page, it shows the actual date of winner selection. There is another related thread with explanation on this topic:

Ok, Thanks Dan, I see the thread and comments explaining it.

Have the points been awarded yet for the October leaderboard?

@auntshommy, yes they were deposited on the day of leaderboard announcement. Please write to us if you are not able to see them in your account.