Winning Names not appearing on Contests

Yes, I did so. In My entries you can see which entry won.

If you click on the link in the email (where you can add a description of your name) it will tell you which entry won, as well.


I have five contests that are over three days and still no update to being able to see winner but there is no finializing winners text so I guess this means it’s closed? Unless I’m glitching or something, I don’t know. I don’t even know how to tell.

If it says the contest is closed, then a winner has been selected.


We really need to be able to see the name that was chosen when we are doing taglines!!! Please, SH, put back the winning names!!! @Grant … there’s got to be a way???

Hi Everyone -

Yes. We’ve made an update. The winning name does not show on the contest page for three days after the winner is selected.

The winner will be notified right away of their win.

If a contest is marked Closed, a winner has been selected.

@Commulinks - In the event of a tagline or logo contest, the CH should certainly share the winning name in the brief. If they do not do so, it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask.

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So just to be sure I am understanding it right…if you see closed-finalizing winners…it hasn’t been awarded…but if you just see closed and nothing else…it means the winner has been decided,just not posted yet? Thanks!

Unfortunately, I can’t get my messaging to work (reported several times) and then even if I could, I’d have to wait and see if they ever respond several days later. It’s just not a great solution. Sorry, this is pretty frustrating.


I’m having the same issues and sometimes they don’t respond or don’t respond for more than half the contest.

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You should at least show which creative won the contest so that instead of just seeing closed it actually shows which one of us won.


Dear SH: Could you please tell us, maybe in the email you send when we win, WHICH of our names won in a contest? If we have more than one love or like in a contest, we don’t know which one is the winner. It’s important to know!


@Commulinks, I asked about this and they said to click the link in the email to add a description. That takes you to the winning entry.


@Commulinks It shows up in your “My Entries” with a trophy icon.

Edit: @ALDaisy1 just saw that winning entry link. :slight_smile: Thanks.


@AlDaisy1 and @Nelmag THANK YOU! I didn’t think of these! I appreciate it.