Winning name domains not making sense

@Dan This is the second time I’ve seen this, a contestant wins with a name that is not possible to submit. You cannot put a period in a domain name, it doesn’t allow it. Yet a winning name just won with (for ex: I am not questioning the winner, nor the name, I am questioning how they could submit that when it doesn’t take periods for the rest of us. Also wondering how a .com contest accepted a name --there were no other allowable URL options on that contest. Just not understanding how this is happening?


@jackieheraty , we have also received this question from few creatives privately. There are certain checks that can be bypassed if you copy and paste the name into the text box. For example, the system does not accept a period if you type a name but if you copy and paste a name that includes the period, it can bypass the check.

We are working on redesigning the contest entry page from ground up so all checks are consistently applied regardless of how you enter the name.

@Dan Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the redesign so that we can all be on a level playing field.