Winning Name Display on Squadhelp

We have come across a few situations recently where certain creatives registered the domains from the winners page and listed them for sale on third party marketplaces. As a result the CHs were not able to use the name they wanted to move forward with.

We are taking appropriate actions against the specific creatives, and have also made few changes to our website. We will no longer display winning names on our platform unless the domain have been purchased by the CH.

While we are committed to maintaining an open platform, unfortunately these previously mentioned actions require us to add additional protection to contest winning names until they have been registered by the rightful owner.


super shady Grant, I’m really sorry, uncalled for. I actually don’t like the contests where they are not seeking a domain for that reason, what’s to stop the Ch or anyone else? We’re not getting rid of explore names are we? People worked so hard and it’s so beautiful.


If you look at the winners list now, you’ll see names not registered as ‘awaiting domain registration’. Here’s one next to a name that has been registered:

What is super surprising, is just how many names are not registered immediately!

Thank you for this @grant and the SH team, this must have been so frustrating for you guys and the CHs!


Ouch! Sorry about this @grant and team.
Great move you are taking steps to stem this.:+1:


I understand the reason for this change, but I have to say, it’s a shame, because many names will probably roll off the recent winners page before they are registered. I hate that those winners will not get their moment in the sun. I have enjoyed being able to see winning names not only because it’s a great way to learn what types of names are popular, but also because, in my case, I don’t mind losing so much when the winning name is something really clever. I hope whoever chose to do something so dishonest realizes the effects of their selfishness.


@ALDaisy1 I agree with you - too bad SH can’t just wait and post the winning name on the winners page once registration is complete.

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From my understanding, the winning name will become visible after the domain has been registered.

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It’d be nice if it just refreshed to the top of the winner’s page once registered.


Also surprising, the ‘Awaiting Domain Registration’ received 6 likes.

How can one ‘like’ a name you have yet to see?


People enjoy giving accolades to the winners. It’s a good thing.


Sometimes you can see the winning names by default. When the CH starts a logo or tagline contest. They put the winning name in their brief. Maybe that’s why you see likes where no domain is waiting for registration. Just a thought

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Grant, I think this is an unconscionable act these creatives committed and they should definitely get the full axe by SH. I wish you could “fine” them with real money, too. This is infuriating, especially after the last time and SH had to institute the 3-day hold. I’m so fed up with this!!!

I also feel like the rest of us are suffering a punishment for their acts. The number of likes we have on our names does matter to the rest of us. Those high numbers of likes are the names that appear on our profiles with pictures to highlight them. Our profiles do matter to us and to CHs. I personally really like to support my fellow creatives and their great winning names. Is there another way to handle this???


Likes on names? Do you mean the “Congrats” from fellow creatives, they are just that and shouldn’t matter objectively in any other way.

Every winning name is great since it fulfilled that particular Contest Holder’s needs in some way, even if other creatives and Contest holders deemed it boring.


@grant, What if the CH does not register the domain? Will that mean we will never see those winning names? I love seeing the winning names! It’s horrible that a few should ruin the joy of a new winner and their winning name being published for all to see (and admire).


Unfortunately, at this time, we feel that this is a necessary course of action. However, we will continue to look for ways to improve the platform experience for all involved.


By showing an unregistered name on our winners page, the name will likely be registered by someone visiting the winners page (either for the purpose of resale or for their own use). We can no longer allow this situation to happen since it is not fair to any parties involved. Down the road, we will consider allowing creatives to submit that name to our marketplace (after a certain period of time has passed and it still hasn’t been registered by the CH - such as after 60 or 90 days).


I just found out that this has happened to me a name I submitted and won was registered. Not by me but by someone.

That’s horrible, ViveGoodKarma!!!

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It’s great that SH have been so quick to act on this to stop it happening in the future!


The name was so Unique with the spelling … you wonder how someone found it and then registered… and more than likely was seen on the Winning Names on Display … and registered it.