Winners page contest links


I’ve noticed that on the winners page, if the winning name takes up two lines, the link to the contest doesn’t show up. Just FYI. I’m assuming it’s not just me, I’m using Safari on my laptop.

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no its the same here - google chrome


Same on my laptop, using chrome.

@Dan. Why is the recent win by Opendoor showing up as a private entry?

@CherryPopNames I believe the name submitted was called

@kreativekim, we are working on fixing the links on winner page. It should be fixed soon.

@CherryPopNames, the CH had requested us to hide the winner name from the site as they prefer to keep it private for some time. We had kept the name visible for 24 hours, and then hidden it as per their request. If you are interested in knowing the actual winning name, you can contact us privately and we will share it with you.

Thanks Dan. I know the name. Looks like they are a seasoned company that just plugged in a new name, so I can understand why they might want to keep the name’s origin private, particularly seeing that they are a creative agency themselves. Didn’t know CHs had that option, now I do…