Winner Selection Policy Update


Where do you see the TM flag? Idk where to look for it. Thanks.


Mary5, TM flag is just beside the entry. You’ll see it.


does it mean its flagged as ok or flagged as not ok


Hold your cursor over the flag, it will give you a little pop up box.


I havent seen one yet to test :wink:


RIght, they are so quick to send us to the Pit of Misery.


Dilly Dilly 20 characters…


I fully agree with this.


registered in what way ? wouldnt it mean if they didn t win you wouldnt be able to use them again


Registered the same way domain marketplace works. If they are good enough entries to be put to audience testing shouldn’t those ideas be secured before exposure to numerous unregulated outsiders. And names can’t be reused if they are poached, which to me seems to be increasing.


@Grant I’m wondering about something. Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere before so I apologize if I’m repeating a subject that’s already been discussed.

SH at the moment doesn’t award non-guaranteed abandoned contests. Why is that? Until the recent changes, unless my memory serves me wrong- you guys used to award all abandoned contests in the past including non-guaranteed ones. If a contest has been abandoned and you guys still have the money- why do you make the differentiation between non-guaranteed and guaranteed? The contestants in both cases worked for it. I’d appreciate it if you could please explain the policy.



Moretal…I’m not Grant so I can’t answer for him and I am sure he will have some input…but I just got a split on a non guaranteed contest. It was two months later…but it was awarded. What I think happens in most cases is non guaranteed contests seem to cancel 99% of the time…so there is no money to be awarded. But I think if they do not cancel, they will award eventually.


Thanks @hollygirl. According to the winners policy:

"e) Non Guaranteed contests are not eligible for this winner selection policy. If a winner is not selected by CH for more than 30 days in case of a non guaranteed contest, the contest will be cancelled.

f) If a contest is cancelled, no winner will be selected and the contest will not be awarded. "

So it’s unclear to me what the policy is at the moment if you say splits on non-guaranteed contests are happening. I may have received some too, I just don’t check if the splits I get are for guaranteed contests or not. Based on the quote above- if the contest changes to a cancelled status it may be because the 30 days are up and not because a CH actually got a refund- and in that case SH still has the money. Hopefully @Grant can clarify the matter. Perhaps I’m missing something.


If a contest is not guaranteed, as per our policy, the contest will be cancelled if no winner is chosen within 30 days. The reason for this policy is because in the majority of cases when a non guaranteed contest is abandoned, the CH comes back and requests a refund either directly or via a credit card chargeback. Sometimes this request comes before the 30 days and other times it happens after the 30 days.

Even in cases of non guaranteed contests, we continue to encourage the CHs through various forms of communication to either select a winner or to allow us to distribute the award via our split award process. Based upon these communications, we still end up awarding many non guaranteed contests (past the 30 days) when we believe there’s a relatively low likelihood that the contest will eventually get cancelled. This is also the reason you see several non guaranteed contests stay in pending status for a longer duration than 30 days - in many of those cases we are in ongoing communication with the CH.

While a contest is active, we also continue to encourage the CH to guarantee their contest award in order to get a higher participation. This is why several contests start as not guaranteed but eventually move to guaranteed.

There are some unique risks and advantages with non guaranteed contests. On one hand, these contests attract relatively lower participation, which makes them less competitive. On the other hand, there is a greater possibility that the contest might get cancelled. The creatives should keep these risks and trade offs in mind before deciding to participate in non guaranteed contests.


Thanks @Grant. All clear now. Glad to hear that you still award some non-guaranteed ones. Perhaps you should add this info to the policy page. I hope that perhaps in the future you’ll consider eliminating the non- guaranteed contests. These contests basically give CHs a way to get a nice chunk of their money back whether they’re pleased or not. Honest ones use it if they’re truly not pleased. Dishonest ones will do it regardless. SH still gets the money either way (and actually more of it since the CH chooses a more expensive package rather than the Bronze one where they have to guarantee the prize to the creatives), but creatives often get screwed. So this policy is good for CHs, good for SH but not good for creatives. Not a great equation from a creative’s perspective. Either way… thanks again.


This issue has been brought up a few times recently, and we believe it is important to address how the Squadhelp portion of revenue is handled.

While it may seem that SH is keeping a larger “share” of the customer payment in situations like Non Guaranteed contests – this is how SH share is actually handled:

About 70% of SH portion is spent on marketing, so we can get more contests on the SH platform, which ultimately benefits everyone. We have seen significant growth in the number of contests as a result of the additional marketing spend we have been making. The rest of the portion is spent on improving the platform (e.g. technology investment and other costs). At this point Squadhelp’s goal is not to draw profits out of the business, but to reinvest any revenue back into the growth of the platform.

While it may seem in situations like Non Guaranteed contests, that SH may be benefiting at the expense of the creatives, this is not the reason why Non Guaranteed contests are in place. We believe they are an important aspect of attracting customers who are new to crowdsourcing; and therefore, we plan to continue offering these contests.


@grant Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.


Thanks @Grant for nice explanation, but new policy of not guaranteed contest should be applied for those contest which started 15 the February …Old non guaranteed contest (before 15 Feb) should be awarded the previous policy …