Winner Selection Policy Update


If this policy will only affect a small number of contests, I see no harm in giving it a try. So if we are “voting”, I vote yes.


I vote yes too! No harm in exploring different ways.


I remain a “keep it as is”… no vote


[quote=“vegangirl, post:63, topic:2472, full:true”]
I vote yes too! No harm in exploring different ways.[/quote]
I’m with you! - Let’s give it a try, and see how it works for a while. :wink:


I say keep it as is, only because I don’t want some contests split the old way and some the new way. It’s too confusing, they should all be done the same for continuity.


I prefer to keep the system as is


I also vote to keep it as is.


Based on your feedback, we will not be making the before mentioned changes to the Award Distribution Policy. The policy will stay “as is.”

Also, according to your requests, we will be adding a “flag” or “icon” that will indicate if Audience Testing and/or Trademark Research has started.

Thank you for your continued feedback and participation :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to ask us @grant


Thanks so much, this is really appreciated. Hopefully we can all move on to focusing on reducing abandonment and WINNING instead!!!

It would be really nice to have info on that issue and if SH would report the rate of abandonment to us in a way that is not PUBLIC. I would love to see the metrics and to find some sense of accomplishment in reducing that rate. It would mean we’d have to have ways to see data without SH feeling like it is broadcasting it all over the world. I don’t know if that is even possible. But as a stakeholder here, I’d love to have metrics that show us how well we are doing.


So thankful you allow all of us to voice our concerns, our reasons, our hopes and wishes. Very much appreciated that you appreciate us! Thank you for the open forum and giving us a chance to hear your new ideas and potential changes before they are concrete. Loving SH per usual! We thank You!
Now lets WIN! :grin:


system currently doesn’t work for me, but i guess i’m the minority here, good luck all, i find it ridiculous that i can have the percentages i have and not get any splits or splits worth more than a few bucks, total a month,


You’re not alone. I’m going through the exact same thing. I don’t really care which system is used because I have nothing to lose anyway. I’m still hanging on by a thread. Hopefully something good will happen before the thread breaks. I sincerely hope things turn around for you as well as others who are in the same boat.


as well as you my friend,


I am sure going forward SH will INHOUSE come up with Ideas and look to the feedback from the community to assist in making appropriate changes as the take a closer scope at things. As they see the metrics they will make changes to improve the site and make it successful for both users and creatives


I would love to come up with a viable solution, yet i have none, so i will just go to the pit of misery, Dilly Dilly! lol


How are names sent to audience testing protected? Perhaps those names could/should automatically be registered first?


Sorry Seez…Dilly Dilly!


Gotta stop offering those Chs that Honey mead wine i’ve been into


I’ve wondered that also. If people are seeing your names, what keeps someone from registering one if they like it? How are they protected? Who are the “audience” that tests these names,anyway,please? Good question,WordLab…