Winner Selection Notifications Disabled


@Lollypop as per the new rules on abandoned contests…SH Admin does he payout twice monthly. I beleive on the 15th and 30th. Also note that just because the contest is closed does not mean the CH is not active and communicating with Admin.


Whenever I have a question on a contest like this, I use the blue bubble and ask the team about it. They always have an answer. PS: I have one on my watchlist that was started 3 months ago. This actually happens quite often, a lot longer than a month closed. There’s always a good reason.


Wait, so everyone was getting emails announcing winners for all contests they had entered before? I’ve never reveiced emails like that. Maybe I misread. : )

Man, that would have been so helpful. It’s hard riffling through the closed contests tab. I’m grateful we have the entries tab so we can cut right to the contests we are near the top of. Has anyone found an easier way to find the contest winner apart from digging through closed contests?


Scout, it was a notification option in your account. If you go to your account profile, there’s a bunch of options there to click. So not everybody got those, only people who checked the box to get them.

The easier way is to put contests you are in the running for on your watchlist. You’ll catch 99% of what you want to see without sifting through. Then once in a great while, you will win something that wasn’t on your watchlist.


Oh good plan. Thanks Clinks! :seedling:


Congrats! I’m still in the desert of no wins for this month.All my love its either are being won by someone else, abandoned, or in company of 25-85 other love its,or downgraded.And now even though I felt like I followed the brief closely…I just got a long string of nah’s in 3 contests. So not looking too hopeful. Sigh! I am saying sayonara for now. Can’t take the stress!


Ditto . no wins for me this month either. I was hoping for at least one for my birthday. No such luck.


Me3 lol . I only had that Cha-Ching award this month. Still crossing my fingers. :pensive:


I was hoping for one for my birthday too, @LisaMac, but alas … no. It’s okay though, technically I haven’t had a birthday since I was 16 years old, so it’s just a normal day anyhow. At least I got a like it on my birthday. Not a love it, not a win, but it was something. Not going to give up, I may not be getting loves, and I may not be winning but I’m at least getting likes so I must be doing something right. I know this isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades but maybe one of the ones that is an ‘almost’ (aka ‘like’) will count someday! Hang in there everyone! I swear if I could send you all a card, a flower, some chocolate or fruit or something to brighten your days, I would. Come on you all, you all are the people I look up to. Don’t start dragging on me. I need to know you still stand so I have reason to do so as well!


Happy Birthdays to @LisaMac and @rareworthy!!! The day isn’t over yet!

Hang in there @hollygirl and @Nelmag, too. It is so unusual to not see your wins all over the place so it just has to be a fluke.

Because I have had such a rotten month, I have to keep telling myself to look back at all the previous months and realize that I try to keep my mind on “averages” over time rather than each and every month. I had one win this month and one another month recently and it really got me down but find the thing that makes you keep going!


To @EVERYONE @ALLCREATIVES here that are inspiring and positive in the face of all what we got through just because I can’t sit here and list everyone (since I can’t and I am not allowed to link more than 10 users in a post)! You all are the THINGS rather PEOPLE that keep me going. As long as I know all of you are keeping your heads up, and still striving – then I still find a way to strive and keep persevering and going as strong as I can. Just thought I would let you all know that and I swear I would sit here and list every single active creative if I could. Just, if you read this know that you are MY reason for keeping going!

And thank you for the birthday wishes, Clinks. Happy birthday @LisaMac and all the other Septembers and all the upcoming Octobers and Novembers!


Thank you for the birthday wishes! :blush:


Happy Birthday right back at you!


Please use the blue button on any page of to speak to the Customer Service team about a particular contest.