Winner Selection Notifications Disabled

In order to better protect the Intellectual Property of our Contest Holders, we have disabled Winner Selection Notifications. Creatives who participated in a given contest will no longer receive a notification when a Contest Winner is selected.

It came to our attention that these winner selection notifications had the potential to reveal the Contest Holder’s recently acquired IP (i.e. the winning name), before the CH had the opportunity to properly secure it.

Winners will continue to be announced on the Recent Winners page three days after the Contest Winner is selected.


@Grant. I really like knowing who the winners are in contests I participate in. Would it be possible to delay the email notifications for 24 hours (or 48) instead of not at all? Plenty of time to secure domains.

Don’t really want to sift through all the Recent Winner names. I only want to see the ones where I participated. And sometimes the contest titles are so generic or similar that you can’t tell which ones you entered.


@Grant will the winner be notified thru email before it is announced in the Recent Winners page? Thanks.


Thank you for all of your work GRANT


@LizzyTish At this point, we will not have a winner selection notification for those who participate in a contest. However, the one contest winner will continue to receive a notification. Also, winners will continue to be displayed on the contest page, as well as the recent winners page.

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Not sure I like this, I don’t win often and many people don’t I think the winner of a contest at least deserves a notification to know to check SH as not everyone can be here all the time and some of us get frustrated and take breaks. I think the winner should be the only one notified as that is fair and deserved.

I didn’t realize that contestants would not be notified by email that they have won a contest! Oh man! I rely on that a lot and I love it when I get them when I am out and about, etc. Oh, please at least notify the winners!

I’m sorry, everyone. I misread @Nelmag 's post.

Contest Winners will be notified when they win.

@rareworthy @Commulinks


Oh, thank you, I was worried :relieved:

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Thanks for clearing that up!!! When you have a minute, send me about 10 wins by email to brighten my day. LOL.


@Commulinks Wouldn’t it be funny if because you asked for that, they sent you 10 of them but all of them just said ‘You asked for it, have a brighter day and p.s. SMILE’ or something of that line? I think it would be. Heck, can I vote in an email that non-winning creatives can get on a weekly or monthly basis, just automated, that says, “Hi, this is Squadhelp. While you may not have won this week/month we just want to say that you’re still awesome and hope that you keep trying because you never know when that next win can be around the corner. Good luck and we’re rooting for you and know that you’ll win at some point as long as you try your best and give your best” <— I think that would be awesome.

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@grant Kudos to SH for protecting the Creatives and winning entry selected by the CH. Would SH consider sending the winner notification to all those who participated - perhaps the same time as when the winning name is officially listed on the Leaderboard? As someone previously mentioned, there are times when we cannot “check” the Leaderboard throughout the day and it would be much easier to receive a notification rather than sift through all the winners.


OMG Rare, I love this!!!
We used to get those emails that told us when we passed a milestone, etc. They stop at a certain point and I actually miss them.

And, I just FINALLY won a contest! OMG! What a terrible month it has been for me!!!


Yay! Congrats! Quick, touch my hand and rub some of that good luck on me! Lol. But seriously, so happy to hear that you finally got one. :clap:

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The thing that’s most frustrating is seeing that one of your pending winner entries has picked a winner and then you have to go on the closed section and figure out which one it is!! I don’t understand why when someone picks a winner it’s not posted at the top but instead posted depending on when they started the contest!! I literally have more than 200 in the closed section and it’s exhausting having to scroll through them all to figure out which onejust recently picked the winner!


Thank you @grant :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Commulinks Congrats on your win!!!

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@KwaziMoto If I receive a love/like/Shortlisted entry, I add it to my watch list. Its much easier to track the contests. You can even narrow them down to check which are open, pending and closed. But even closed contest stay on your watch list until you remove them. it works for me


Is there any way, at least, that you can send out notices that the contest has ended and that a winner has been chosen? A link could be included if people want to click on it and see what the contest was.

When you have a shortlisted entry, it’s good to know when a contest ends instead of hoping indefinitely.


I have a contest that has been closed over a month. I have the only love it and the only shortlisted. Is there a problem with the payment schedule on winners chosen by SH. Thanks for looking into this. Laura