Winner chosen over the word limit?

When a CH sets a word limit, is it not set in stone? A recent CH set a word limit of one word, yet the winner selected was two words? i am confused how this is fair or how it may work. If anyone can offer clarification it would be appreciated!

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This has happened on a number of occasions, and I think someone said that the one-word limit was the default, and the CH has to manually change it.

You may notice that for clarification purposes, sometimes a Creative will PUBLICLY ask the CH if they indeed only require a one-word name.

In other cases, I suppose the CH changed his or her mind, or someone gave them a multi-word name that they couldn’t refuse.

Cue the theme from The Godfather :wink:

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Thank you for your kind a prompt response :blush: I really like the community here and am blown away by the level of creativity and kindness on SH.