Winner Board Changes


Hello everyone,

We will be making a change to the winner board. There have been a few instances where certain people are registering the domain names from the winner board before the CH has the opportunity to register them. As a result, we will be making a change to the winner board, and will only display the winners 3 days after they have been selected. This will provide enough time for the contest holder to register the name before they are displayed on winner board. Our team takes these situations very seriously and will be investigated should it happen again.

Thank you,

-The Squadhelp Team


WOW! - Unbelievable :open_mouth: - Whatever happened to fair play and integrity?


That is unfortunate. I guess not all Contest holders were declaring winners only after registering the domain name they wanted.


Unreal complete tools some people are!!! Still wish there was more protection for names being bought both ways!!!


I was just going to ask what happened to the latest winners on the board. Wow.That’s horrible.

I know what that feels like, as it’s hard when you have worked hard and made up a name that didn’t win a contest, and go to use it again and find someone has registered it.(In general…I’m not accusing anyone of taking it.) It’s a sinking feeling.

So when someone has paid for a name,then suddenly it’s gone and they don’t have the use of it…that is pretty low.

It’s awful to think someone would do that.


The depths to which some people will sink never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully it’s not the creatives doing this. Can any random person viewing the site see the winning submissions? If so that may be why this is happening. I think anybody, creative or client, who disrespects a creative’s time and hard work by swiping names should be banned.


Oh my gosh! This is an outrage! I surely hope this is not from within our ranks but no matter how it happened, I feel so bad for the CHs who went through all that to have their domains taken.


Thank you all for sharing our concern, going off of what was stated earlier we would also like to clarify a few more things. More than 100,000 names are submitted to SH platform on a monthly basis. There is always a possibility that a small percentage of these names might get registered after submission to the contests. But based upon our most recent data, less than 0.1% of names have been reported to be registered after submission to contest. Some of these registrations can be purely coincidental, because good names are being registered across the globe on a daily basis. Therefore, we can not automatically assume that if a name has been registered, it was done by the Contest Holder.

We have several measures in place to protect the hard work of our creatives and we take any violation of our Terms of Service seriously. The role of SH in these situations is to ask the CH if they registered the name, and to remind them about their payment obligations in case they confirm that the name was registered by them.

Thank you for your attention and understanding!


Ahh Jackie, you really are not getting the award?


It was a superior name. She definitely deserves it. :confounded:


To answer your question, tkpro72, definitely yes. I can view the site from a computer at work or a library computer and see all posted winners even before I’ve logged in.


Thanks for the reply auntshommy. I feel terrible for you jackieheraty. I’ve been there and know how much it sucks to have been told you won only to have it snatched away. I hope you get two wins at once to make up for the one that was taken from you.


We would like to clarify that no decision has been made concerning the most recent case of domain registration. In these situations we work with both the contest holders and creatives to ensure the best outcome for everyone. Our ultimate goal is for the CH to find the perfect name for their brand/business/company. And that the creative responsible for the winning entry is awarded justly. We will honor that to the best of our ability and thoroughly investigate to protect all who have been effected.

Our team understands how much thought and effort both creatives and CHs put into a contest. We value, appreciate, and care for all who participate. Which is why we felt that it was important to share with you that situations like this occasionally occur. And that we situations like this very seriously.


@RachelSH…quick question. When will the “win” count towards your monthly total…will it count the day you are notified, or will it count when it is posted three days later. Just want to know for wins near the end of a month. Say you notify the winner on November 29th, but don’t post winner until Dec 2nd…does it go in your November total, or your December total?


My guess is November because I was notified I won a contest just now. But it hasn’t been posted publicly yet on the winners page. My stats automatically got adjusted from 2 wins for the month to 3 wins.


Same here, mine just Got adjusted from 4 to 5 so i guess it counts immediately just wont be publicly revealed till after 3 days, i like the strategy tho, it helps both the Creatives and Chs to help secure their hardworks.


Hi everyone!

The stats for a “win” will update immediately even though the winning name is displayed 3 days later on the winner board. @jackieheraty


For those of you who might be wondering about my winning name…
Gravada = A Portuguese word that means “to print, engrave or inscribe”


Good Work, @AlwriteyThen !


The name has Gravitas and congrats, Alwritey Then!