Why should we have to disclose?

Entries are only removed by the system if they are a chosen winner, and we are only required to delete “technical variations” of winning entries (not liked entries) as the system (I’m assuming) doesn’t detect them. Therefore, you could still have 2 CHs select the same entry, which is why I don’t understand why we can’t continue to submit in new contests. What is being prevented?

BTW…I personally wouldn’t be embarrassed if I won with the same entry, at virtually the same time. It’s a fluke. One to be proud of I’d say lol…2 CH picking your entry at same time…must be a good one!! I’m fine with entries being removed after it has won…unless it’s a different industry. So if a 2nd CH picked the same entry before the system had a chance to remove it, that’d definitely be a crazy fluke. So why can’t we keep submitting??

@Chasity2ku - This is a good questions. Our goal is to minimize this issue; and although the current measure will not completely eliminate the possibility of names being selected as the winner of multiple contests, we do believe these steps will cover the majority of issues. We will continue to monitor the issue and may choose to take additional steps in the future.

When a name is liked or loved it is likely that a CH will include it in the validation phase of the naming process, which means they will be looking at Trademark Risk and Audience Verification through Name Testing. Therefore, we want to reduce any complications during this process.

We also strive to maintain a balance. Thinking about you, the Squadhelp Creative, we have decided to pursue a solution that will minimize the risk while still allowing you to submit duplicate entries and continue to have those entries active even after one CH has indicated that they are interested in the name.


Thank you for answering my questions, @Grant. I’ve always appreciated the ability to have my opinions and concerns heard and considered by SH. As a creative, I do hope it’s reconsidered in the near future. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am late to the party as I was away for a few days. But there are lots of common (Symbolic) dictionary words/names that have already won contests. It is restricting and untidy not being able to submit them.

I can understand not being able to submit Nuvanixo.com (unique), but not being able to submit “Spark Media” or “Eagle Group” or something general/symbolic? Not every contest holder is wanting trademarks or superunique names that don’t mean anything. Sometimes they want a word that symbolizes their business concept, encompasses their philosophy or something of the like.

For example, previously I could submit
Name : Atlas
Available Domains : AtlasVentures.com, AtlasFoods.com, AtlasConsultingPartners.com etc, which would be compact, clean and get the job done. This is no longer possible.

Maybe there was some way of exempting common dictionary words from the previously won names check?


Even though I would like to see this restriction removed, I do believe we are able to submit AtlasVentures.com, AtlasFoods.com, AtlasConsultingPartners.com etc, if Atlas Salon or just Atlas was to win, as these are “true variations” as opposed to “technical variations”.

My problem is, what if it’s a stand alone name the CH requests with a limited letter count? If the generic word I want to submit has already won in a different industry, I can’t submit because to make it a true variation (to bypass the blocker) I’d have to add a descriptive word such as consulting, group, salon, etc. That goes against the CH wishes and could result in a bad rating and may not even be possible due to letter count restrictions.

Building on my earlier point, there is also the case of businesses in different countries; for example should a “Generic” name like Atlas Media be prohibited from submitted to an Australian contest (AtlasMedia.com.au) just because Atlas Media (AtlasMedia.com) has won in a Saudi Arabian contest.

Maybe we could revert to the earlier system of there just being a warning of the name having won earlier, but only for contests where contest holder does not require a trademark check; the contests where the contest holder just needs a great name that represents them, not a trademark, uniqueness or such.


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Actually, it does! The last time I won I was on vacation :laughing:


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Does this job offer paid vacation??[/quote]
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@lightless - You are still able to submit true variations such as the examples you mentioned. Simply have the name match the URL (e.g. Atlas Foods / AtlasFoods.com).

There are issues with aesthetics, flexibility and real world presentation when using the many dictionary words that have already won contests (Atlas, Ascent, Thrive, Vantage, Hive and many others).

For example
1] Many real world “NAME” companies have URL’s like “WeAreNAME” or “GetNAME”, which wouldn’t work under the current system if the word(s) (No matter how commonplace) had already won a contest. In case of “Atlas”, you would have to enter “We Are Atlas” in both columns instead of “Atlas” in the name column and WeAreAtlas.com in the URL column as previously.

2] True variations(Mostly done just to get the URL) won’t look as good as, nor do justice to the elegance of just the intended name. “Bloom” (In the name column) will always be better than “Bloom Beauty Products”. “Always First” (In the name column) will be better and truer to it’s real word use than “Always First Coaching Solutions” (URL) and so on. The very reason this particular section of Squadhelp is called “Squadhelp forum” and not “Discussion Squadhelp” (Its URL)

Would there be an issue in reverting to the earlier system JUST for contests that don’t require trademark checks, for people who want and love to use simple dictionary words and combinations thereof?

This is a good point. We will update the platform so that submission rejection and automatic withdrawal will be based on URL, not name.

This will allow multiple submission of–for example–winning name Atlas, as long as the URL is unique.

However, please be aware that while the platform will allow duplicate names, the continual and consistent submission of winning names will still be a violation of policy. Also, the use of technical variations to “game” the platform is also a violation. If a name is rejected, adding inc, co, etc., to the URL is not allowed.

With this in mind, we have launched two new resources to help Creatives who are struggling to come up with custom names expand there name development toolkit and create awesome, custom names more quickly and effectively. (Because this–at the end of the day–is the true point of all of the policy updates.)

Please bookmark these URLs and continue honing your naming skills. (You’re participation is appreciated!)


Please give us a bit of time to make the above mentioned updates.


@Grant: The namestorming article contains this link:
The link brings up an error (for me anyway).


Just finished reading this thread and was very informative. I particularly like the way SH listens and adapts to creative comments. Lot of stuff I wasn’t aware of. Everything seems very logical which is great.


Is this close to being implemented? Just wanted to add that the system doesn’t currently recognize the “&” symbol between two dictionary words in the name (An elegant and common solution to replace “And”). So if the first word has won a contest as a name, it refuses to accept the name.

Example : Prime & Presidential, Prime & Afghanistan or Spark & Shipbuilders won’t be accepted though these names haven’t won (presumably) before


@lightless - It’s in the queue for our engineering team.

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@Grant How about if they registered it after 30 days, will CH still has the option to pay creatives or not? I am so confused with this policy.

@Nelmag - Yes. The 30 day rules is only related to our process of following up with CHs when there is no evidence that the domain was registered by them.

@Grant If there was an evidence that CH registered the name after 30 days I assume creative will get paid right? does it matter if he use the name or not?

If a CH registers a name it is their obligation to compensate a Creative. Report any issues to the Squadhelp Customer Service team using the “blue button” in the bottom right corner of any page on Squadhelp.com.

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