Why should we have to disclose?

We have updated some of the recent Name Entry Policies based on your feedback, as well as added some supporting features to the platform.

  • If a CH indicates that they are considering your name for winner selection by rating it Like It or Love It, you will not be able to submit that name to other contests. The platform will not allow you to submit exact match names, but the policies extends to technical variations, such as Squadhelp, Squad Help, Squad-Help, Squadhelp Inc., Squadhelp Co., etc.

  • If you have already submitted a name to multiple contests, and it is chosen as the winner of one contest–this exact match name will automatically be removed from other active and pending contests. Also, you must remove any technical variations from other active or pending contests (e.g. Squadhelp, Squad Help, Squad-Help, Squadhelp Inc., Squadhelp Co., etc.). Furthmore, if you have submitted true variations (e.g. Squadhelp Motors and Squadhelp Consulting), you are encouraged to notify the Contest Holders of all active or pending contests.

Read all the updates here: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/creatives-submitting-entries/rules-and-guidelines-for-submitting-entries

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@Grant Do you guys email this info to ALL contestants? Just wondered as there are many that do not visit the forum. Perhaps an email blast should go out to everyone when you do changes like this and other policy changes so there is no surprise.


Wow, that’s a lot of work.


Please remember your creatives are (for the most part) unpaid for their services. For me SH was supposed to be a fun creative outlet with occasional benefits but it’s turning into an unpaid job. It’s hard enough to find the time to truly sit down and immerse myself in a contest or brief to really connect, let alone worry if I’ve already used an entry, or has someone else won with it, was it a different industry, does it even matter etc

I just wanna let ideas fly, why do I have to ponder all these concerns and spend time hunting and deleting when I’m just trying to throw some free ideas around?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just disclose to the CH that they might not be the only person/business considering a particular entry, that this is a naming platform where creatives freely present entries to numerous contests that are fitting, that this is a first come first serve process, that even in the real world a selected name may be “snatched up” and that SH can’t always prevent this from happening. Can’t SH just warn the CH an entry is active in other contests with high ratings when they view an entry and let them proceed at their own informed risk if they so desire.

I struggle with understanding how this is the most effective way. Why is all the responsibility on creatives who are virtually doing this for free? Why are creatives burdened with this responsibility when SH could just notify the CH of the risk involved with a particular entry?

I don’t have time to worry about if a name has won (I might not even know it’s won) or if I’ve got it in other contests…I barely have time to brainstorm as it is :confused:

Plus, imagine the CH who sees an entry and is pondering it, running it by partners, sleeping on it, etc. Then they come back to rate and potentially select as the winner but it’s been removed because another CH liked it but has no intention of using it. Nobody benefits in that scenario. Either way it comes down to first come first serve, but that rule would be better applied when selecting a winner, not considering one! If the early bird gets the worm…they should eat it! Not to mention the mediocre results CHs will see in entries if there happens to be several contests running in their industry/field at the same time.


On first pass this seemed logical, but on second thought, this also might lead to MORE domains getting registered as the CH’s fear of a name they are considering might get snatched up by another CH, especially if SH reveals to them that it’s in the running elsewhere. While there is a policy in place to have CH’s compensate creatives for names reg’d, from MY personal experiences, the rule doesn’t always ‘work’ as it should.


First, some definitions

  • Exact Match: Squadhelp and Squadhelp
  • Technical Variations: Squadhelp, Squad Help, Squad-Help, Squadhelp Co, Squadhelp Inc, etc.
  • True Variations: Squadhelp Consulting and Squadhelp Motors

The policy that you cannot win multiple contests with the same name, and the similar policy that you cannot take other Creatives’ winning names and submit them in active contests… Neither are new. We have simply build helpful features for you: (1) previous winning names will be rejected by the system, (2) your names will be automatically withdrawn from other contests if it wins.

We have also added a feature that will block names once they receive a high rating from being submitted to further contests. It is important to note that a high rating will not remove any entries.

These new updates should not add work or stress, or limit your creativity in any way.

You are not asked to check your ideas against previously winning names. The system will alert you if you are submitting a name that has already won. The technical variation policy is in place to prevent Creatives from getting around the system block by submitting a slight variation (e.g. If Squadhelp is blocked by the system, so you should not instead submit Squadhelp Co).

Please know, that we will enforce these policies with discretion. We simply ask that you participate in an integrous way: Use other Creative’s winning names to inspire your own ideas; don’t just submit their ideas in another contest. If you’ve developed a list of awesome names, submit them strategically and only after reading the brief; don’t just drop your premium names in every contest that comes along. And especially, don’t try to win with the same name over, and over, and over.

Finally, to help you quickly developing awesome and unique names specific to each contest brief, we have started a new thread in the forum–How To Develop a Great Name - Strategies, Tactics, Tips, and Tricks.

Please join in and share your favorite techniques!

Thank you for this clarification. Just a couple things I want to be sure on:

  1. I can submit the same entry into multiple contests but once I receive a like or love the system will block further submissions of that entry? Even if it’s a different industry? (sometimes entries are stand alone words that have no descriptive to make a true variation but can be used in completely different industries. Adding a true variation/descriptive could turn the CH off if they requested a stand alone name, or even be impossible to submit based on length restrictions etc)

  2. If #1 happens I don’t need to delete anything and the entries remain in the other contests?

  3. If 1 & 2 are correct and happen, and a 2nd CH likes the entry as well (because it was submitted before the initial like), aren’t you right back to where you started and 2 CHs are considering the same entry?

@Chasity2ku has As I understand it…

  1. if your entry receives a love/like in an open or a closed but pending contest…the system would not allow you to enter that name into another contest.
  2. if you have a name entered into more than one contest,and it wins in one…all other entries would be automatically withdrawn from the others

Hmm…that’s what I thought, but I don’t understand why we can’t submit an entry into another contest after it’s been liked by a CH if that exact entry is going to remain active in other contests anyway.

The system only removes them if it’s chosen as a winner, not just liked or loved. I’m just trying to understand what they’re preventing, other than new eyes seeing it. I thought the point was to avoid CHs going after the same entry, but what if a 2nd CH likes or loves it as well? Or worse, as a winner? (which was my 3rd question)

@grant I think we should be able to submit an entry until it’s chosen as a winner. I’m trying to understand why we can’t and what’s the purpose of blocking liked names from being submitted in new contests if that liked entry is NOT going to be removed from other contests?

Thanks @lisamac for clarifying! Do you see my confusion? Does anybody? Lol


@Chasity2ku I understand what your saying. My original thought was…the minute a CH loves or likes and entry…the system should automatically remove it from all contests. I do this on my own anyway. I go to the MY ENTRIES tab…type in the name and then delete it one by one. It takes a minute or two, but better than being embarrassed by having two clients pick it as a winner. And it has happened before. LOL

Entries are only removed by the system if they are a chosen winner, and we are only required to delete “technical variations” of winning entries (not liked entries) as the system (I’m assuming) doesn’t detect them. Therefore, you could still have 2 CHs select the same entry, which is why I don’t understand why we can’t continue to submit in new contests. What is being prevented?

BTW…I personally wouldn’t be embarrassed if I won with the same entry, at virtually the same time. It’s a fluke. One to be proud of I’d say lol…2 CH picking your entry at same time…must be a good one!! I’m fine with entries being removed after it has won…unless it’s a different industry. So if a 2nd CH picked the same entry before the system had a chance to remove it, that’d definitely be a crazy fluke. So why can’t we keep submitting??

@Chasity2ku - This is a good questions. Our goal is to minimize this issue; and although the current measure will not completely eliminate the possibility of names being selected as the winner of multiple contests, we do believe these steps will cover the majority of issues. We will continue to monitor the issue and may choose to take additional steps in the future.

When a name is liked or loved it is likely that a CH will include it in the validation phase of the naming process, which means they will be looking at Trademark Risk and Audience Verification through Name Testing. Therefore, we want to reduce any complications during this process.

We also strive to maintain a balance. Thinking about you, the Squadhelp Creative, we have decided to pursue a solution that will minimize the risk while still allowing you to submit duplicate entries and continue to have those entries active even after one CH has indicated that they are interested in the name.


Thank you for answering my questions, @Grant. I’ve always appreciated the ability to have my opinions and concerns heard and considered by SH. As a creative, I do hope it’s reconsidered in the near future. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am late to the party as I was away for a few days. But there are lots of common (Symbolic) dictionary words/names that have already won contests. It is restricting and untidy not being able to submit them.

I can understand not being able to submit Nuvanixo.com (unique), but not being able to submit “Spark Media” or “Eagle Group” or something general/symbolic? Not every contest holder is wanting trademarks or superunique names that don’t mean anything. Sometimes they want a word that symbolizes their business concept, encompasses their philosophy or something of the like.

For example, previously I could submit
Name : Atlas
Available Domains : AtlasVentures.com, AtlasFoods.com, AtlasConsultingPartners.com etc, which would be compact, clean and get the job done. This is no longer possible.

Maybe there was some way of exempting common dictionary words from the previously won names check?


Even though I would like to see this restriction removed, I do believe we are able to submit AtlasVentures.com, AtlasFoods.com, AtlasConsultingPartners.com etc, if Atlas Salon or just Atlas was to win, as these are “true variations” as opposed to “technical variations”.

My problem is, what if it’s a stand alone name the CH requests with a limited letter count? If the generic word I want to submit has already won in a different industry, I can’t submit because to make it a true variation (to bypass the blocker) I’d have to add a descriptive word such as consulting, group, salon, etc. That goes against the CH wishes and could result in a bad rating and may not even be possible due to letter count restrictions.

Building on my earlier point, there is also the case of businesses in different countries; for example should a “Generic” name like Atlas Media be prohibited from submitted to an Australian contest (AtlasMedia.com.au) just because Atlas Media (AtlasMedia.com) has won in a Saudi Arabian contest.

Maybe we could revert to the earlier system of there just being a warning of the name having won earlier, but only for contests where contest holder does not require a trademark check; the contests where the contest holder just needs a great name that represents them, not a trademark, uniqueness or such.


Does this job offer paid vacation??


Actually, it does! The last time I won I was on vacation :laughing:


[quote=“BLUE, post:36, topic:2089, full:true”]
Does this job offer paid vacation??[/quote]
ROFLMBO!!! :laughing:


@lightless - You are still able to submit true variations such as the examples you mentioned. Simply have the name match the URL (e.g. Atlas Foods / AtlasFoods.com).