Why should we have to disclose?

Why should we have to disclose on an entry that it won a contest before when it is very old. I entered an entry that won about a year and an half ago, but was never used. I write the note that it won so they are aware, but have been thinking lately…if we are not allowed to report a domain that is “all of a sudden” taken 35 days after entering it and it’s too late to look into it, why are “available” one’s flagged for way over a year. Shouldn’t there be a limit on this too? Inquiring minds?


I didn’t know we could sub a name that won a contest before.

After reviewing, we have decided to update our polices…

New Policy On Submitting Winning Names

  • Your winning names cannot be resubmitted in future contests.
  • You cannot knowingly submit names that have won a Squadhelp contest.
  • You must disclose to the CH if you are knowingly submitting a variation
    of a name that previously won a Squadhelp contest (e.g. When
    submitting Ride-On Motorcycles, you would disclose that Ride-On was
    chosen as a winner in a mobile app contest).

If your name has won previously and you have received compensation, that means you have transferred any claims or IP for that name to that contest holder. Whether or not they have registered that name is up to them. It is possible they may not have registered the domain but they might have incorporated the company with that name. Or it is also possible that they are keeping that name for a future venture.

Registered Domain Reporting
The 30 day rule has no implication on contest holder’s obligation to pay for names they use. If they use a name from a contest, as per our Term of Service, they are required to compensate the creative by sending a bonus. Registering a name on 35th day or even 60th day doesn’t change their obligation to pay for the name they use. The courtesy emails we send (without any evidence) are only sent during the first 30 days. After 30 days, you can still report any names to us by sending us a message . If we see any evidence that the name was registered by the CH, we will followup with the CH even if 30 days have passed.

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@Grant: Does the system still tell us when a name won in a previous contest? It used to give a popup. I am a little unnerved by the policy because I have no way of knowing if a name won in another contest out of the thousands of names. So in the example Ride-On, how am I to know? I know you said “knowingly” …


Good queation @commulinks was abt to ask dat also…hundreds if not thousands of name has won on this platform …e.g lets say shotgun has won as an entry in a contest 3yrs ago …that was long before i joined this platform …then maybe i submit … Shotgun works …and it wins …so you mean i can be penalize for submitting part of an entry that has already won before …even though i didnt know it has won before? @Grant…p.s i know u said knowingly …but how are u guys goin to know if am knowingly submitting d entry or not?

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Our platform will no longer accept a submission if:
a) It has previously won in a contest
b) It has been submitted by you in another contest which is not yet closed.

Regarding disclosure of entries (that are minor variations of previously won names), this policy is designed to minimize any blatant copying of others’ entries by creatives. We will only take action in cases where we find a creative is repeatedly engaging in this tactic of submitting variations of previously won names.

Can you elaborate on this? What do you mean we cannot enter an entry that was submitted in another open contest? We have 12 “real estate” contests at the same time and cannot enter the same entry? Every CH rates the entry differently, so we need to get a feel for what they lean toward. This will greatly reduce the number of submissions the CH will get. Seems to be a hindrance to creatives and CH’s. And what do you call “closed”? Once a contest time runs out, or waiting 4 months for an abandoned one to be awarded?


I agree with @jackieheraty. I just got that little pop-up when I tried to enter a submission. The original contest that it was submitted to hasn’t rated any entries. I don’t see the reason for this change. If I submit a name into more than one contest…the minute it receives a love or a like, I delete it from any other contest that its in.
I currenty have a few names in more than one contest, what happens to these entries? Are they automatically deleted or do they stand as is?


Oh, and what do we say to the CH’s…sorry, we have 10 other contests in your category going on right now, so all our “top level” names are not available to you. So we can submit sub-par names because we are handcuffed right now, or you can choose to stop your contest and come back in 2 weeks when those contests are over?


Grant, I am not sure I understand why we can not enter the same name in more than one contest that has not closed? I can understand that we can not win more than once with the same entry…but would like to know the rationale behind not being able to enter a submission in more than one contest. Thanks.


@Grant Just want to add my frustration to not being able to enter a name in more than one contest at a time. This is a huge and, I believe, detrimental change to the contests and platform. I want to offer each CH the best names that fit their brief. There are many active contests that overlap - fitness, real estate, online shops, finance, to name a few. Has a conflict ever come up where this has been a problem? Where 2 CHs want the same name? I imagine it would not occur frequently enough to justify holding our names captive until each CH decides one after another and reducing the amount of choice for each CH who had the misfortune to post a contest while another in the same industry or vertical was active. Also, in a sales scenario an offer is not binding unless accepted before the offer is withdrawn. In this case the offers would be our name suggestions and acceptance is the award of the contest. If one CH awards a contest to a name, can’t you automatically delete that name from other active contests even if it’s rated highly? I actually thought that is what you did. Please reconsider this change to our ability to enter names. Thank you.



I also agree with the others about the name submissions.I think @jackieheraty made excellent points, and I hope SH will reconsider that policy.


Hi everyone,

@Grant may not have seen this yet, so I am responding to provide a rationale for this change.

We’ve had more than one situations where the same name was selected as winner by two contests holders because it was submitted to both of them by the same creative. Some creatives withdraw the entries from other contests once they receive a Like it or a Love it rating, but many do not. In some cases the same entry has been submitted to more than 25 active contests.

The rationale for this change is to avoid the situation where the same name gets selected as a winner in multiple contests - we don’t believe it is fair to the other creatives or to the contest holders.

However we have noted your concerns and understand that there are valid situations where the same name might be a great fit for more than one active contests.

@Enwych your idea of automatically withdrawing names from other contests if that name is selected as winner is a great idea. We will work on adding this to our platform in next few days,

In the meantime, we have made an update and the platform will now only block the submission if the same entry has been submitted to other active or pending contests AND it has also received a Like it or Love it rating in those contests. In those situations, there is a high likelihood that the entry is being considered by the CH for winner selection and therefore, it is prudent to stop any further submissions of the same name to other contests. You will be able to submit that name to more contests once a winner is selected for the original contest, or you withdraw your entry from that contest.

Thanks for all your feedback in helping us improve this platform!


First come first serve seems pretty fair to me!! Plus, what if two different creatives submit the same name in two different contests and both are chosen? Are we then going to have a rule preventing us from submitting names that are liked or loved in any and all active contests, regardless who submitted them??

It sucks when the rules enforced hinder the very process they’re meant to protect :thinking:

Please reconsider!


I can’t wait to get unbanned! Squadhelp bans me cos of something beyond my control. I think it would be a smart and painless thing to do if Squadhelp prompts a CH if he’s about to select an already won name rather than taking it out on creatives! :confused::cry:


That’s a great idea!!! But when the CH is about to select a winner they’ve made their choice and that would be a huge disappointment. How about when they rate it a like or love, or even put an indicator next to the entry, such as text or an icon.

@Promann We do not discuss the reasons for suspension on the forum. We have discussed the reasons with you directly - we take policy violations (especially entry submission violations) seriously, and we have provided to you a course of action that we are pursuing in this situation. Forum is not an appropriate place to discuss such matters.

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We have updated some of the recent Name Entry Policies based on your feedback, as well as added some supporting features to the platform.

  • If a CH indicates that they are considering your name for winner selection by rating it Like It or Love It, you will not be able to submit that name to other contests. The platform will not allow you to submit exact match names, but the policies extends to technical variations, such as Squadhelp, Squad Help, Squad-Help, Squadhelp Inc., Squadhelp Co., etc.

  • If you have already submitted a name to multiple contests, and it is chosen as the winner of one contest–this exact match name will automatically be removed from other active and pending contests. Also, you must remove any technical variations from other active or pending contests (e.g. Squadhelp, Squad Help, Squad-Help, Squadhelp Inc., Squadhelp Co., etc.). Furthmore, if you have submitted true variations (e.g. Squadhelp Motors and Squadhelp Consulting), you are encouraged to notify the Contest Holders of all active or pending contests.

Read all the updates here: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/creatives-submitting-entries/rules-and-guidelines-for-submitting-entries

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@Grant Do you guys email this info to ALL contestants? Just wondered as there are many that do not visit the forum. Perhaps an email blast should go out to everyone when you do changes like this and other policy changes so there is no surprise.


Wow, that’s a lot of work.