Why my suggested names cant't make any winning hit , although i feel mine suggested name are not bad?

I am new at this platform . I have submitted many entries in past contests but it seems something wrong with my suggested name as it cant make any winning hit . Please lets discuss this topic .

I feel the exact same.way. if I post serious.they choose stupid, I’m about to look to make money elsewhere. Good luck

yes its not easy - sorry to lose you Blue , hope you have better luck wherever you are going

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Yes i understood it is not easy thing to spoil someone’s company future by your strange words , but i think it is not impossible , i understood from my Analysis if someone have points at least more then 4000 he or she has more chances to make impact on CH mind then some new namer , for me it is like setting new business in new city :slight_smile:
And for me this is not fun place , it is place where i learn many things , here winning is more related to mindreading . it can come only if we have lot of experience so cheers :slight_smile: and HAPPY NAMING

Hi @Pan_key! Welcome to Squadhelp!

One of the things I will tell you is to keep track of the contests you enter (use the “Watchlist” feature). Then, when the winner is declared, look at the name that won and also other winning names from other contests under the “winners” tab. When I started, I kept close track of that and I learned a great deal from it. You end up realizing a lot about why your name did not win.

Although it does feel a lot like mindreading, since SH has initiated many new things and CHs are encouraged to communicate with us, it is very helpful to ask a CH questions if you feel there is too much mindreading necessary to come up with a name. Sometimes there are missing items from briefs.

Also, I suggest that you read some articles about branding but I would caution that you should not apply all of that to your work on SH because many CHs are literally looking for very simple names for their very local companies. An example of that is ACE Carpet Cleaning or something like that.

My biggest recommendation is that you should only get really obscure with your names if it is clear that it is what the CH is looking for. If it takes them more than a second to understand your name, they may reject it really fast and never read the comment.

Finally, watch your spelling and make certain that you know the correct meaning of words you use.

Good luck!


feeling really rejected i never won i tried hard i was in need of noney i have no idea what i n doing wrong but i guess i should spend on nore fruitfull stuff out there then hoping trying and wasting ny hours of tine here thanks for who evre read

Thank you so much , i read your reply and now i understand what is the problem , I will correct it and will make my name as winner :slight_smile: , just one more thing i want to ask you there is " add Comment " box at submission tab , should i need to explain my all idea there how i got this name in mind and how it will effect for his business . i dont send comments most of time , i think this maybe reason why CH unable to understand my suggested names .

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@Pan_key there is a comment box underneath where you type your entry to explain things


Lisa already explained this but yes, sometimes it is a good idea to explain your entry and your thinking.

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I agree it can get frustrating, but I feel like you need to see this more as a hobby with the potential to make money. I’ve realised that it’s not about the BEST name, it’s about the name which the CH is looking for. You may submit brilliant names which don’t get chosen, but you need to just keep trying and try not to take it personally when you don’t win. Always keep it simple and submit names that you consider to be ‘obvious’ before you start getting more creative. I’m finding that it’s often the simple names that win! Good luck :slight_smile:


Commulinks,. Just want to say you are absolutely right. I also need to slow down and think about name before throwing it out there. Have a good evening all.!

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