Why is this contest still Pending?!

I downloaded all the contests I entered over the last 12 months and out of interest I am compiling a spreadsheet of all entries and researching what won v. my entry. Also looking at contests awarded v. contests abandoned (something of an eye watering statistic…). I’ve not finished this yet but I have just found one of my entries in a still-Pending contest from April 2022! That’s almost one year on, and there are 15 reported domain registrations in this contest! If I was able at this distance of time to report my entry which has now been registered too, that would be 16 reports.How on earth does SH allow this to drag on?!


You def need to BB this.


I think I will, and I’ve just edited to clarify that this is a still Pending contest rather than Open (which I said originally). And I’m also adding that I just found more of my entries in another contest Pending from February 2022 with 30 reported domain registrations…


This happens when it is so hard for SH to resolve because of the obvious inconsistencies. SH can never resolve these issues. But should close the contests and pay the people who literally DONATED their time to help a startup to come up with a name.