Why does the ability to check domains disappear on hidden names

we still need to check if they are bought ! and there are rather a lot in the latest contest lol


I agree with Jose. Along with his comment, even if a CH can’t formally end a contest early, I would prefer that they declare that a winner has been found rather than hiding entries/marking all the other entries down. If the 5-rated entry in this contest isn’t going to eventually selected as the winner, then the CH could either work with the trending contestant on modifying the entry, or give redirection to the other contestants.


oh I thought they could end contests early now - or was that just a proposed change that hasnt happened yet

I agree with @auntshommy and @Jose. Hidden entries should work like other normal entries.

I think CHs should only be allowed to change an entry to a higher star rating, and not lower it after it has been rated. If they change their minds about a particular entry, maybe they can hide/unhide it later.

Else maybe if there’s a way to allow CHs to discuss entries freely after contests have ended without effecting our points, I think that would be a good way to go.

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Anyway, the contest in question has been decided. Jose, we’ll see how long it takes before Dongee’s winning name is posted. I would rather have it this way than to keep submitting and keep receiving low scores for names that seemed to fit the criteria.

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