Why does SH matter to you?


I’m going to share an abbreviated version of my story, and one of the reasons why SH has mattered to me — and in turn, I thought it might make for a general topic for discussion and sharing amongst the class. A few months ago, my position (professional, creative/design/editorial white collar) was eliminated after my employer did some company restructuring. In short, SH hasgiven me a platform to at least think creatively — and continually test it out every day — and give as many opportunities as I’d prefer to put my (allegedly) clever talent out there in the quest for $100 or more a pop. It often feels like a Quixotic quest when you get the “no thank yous” from CHs or the Marketplace, but even those help make your own efforts better, IMO.

So thank you SH folks throughout the company chain and @grant for helping me keep my brain and self-worth alive in a big way at a time when there isn’t much else out there on the internets providing the same.


I have severe cerebral palsy, and use a wheelchair to get around. It takes me many hours to accomplish even the simplest tasks. I am physically so slow, that it’s very difficult for me to find a job, but I do feel that I am a creative person. Something like thinking up names for companies is not something that requires a lot of physical ability, or something like typing. I thought if I could learn how to come up with good names for companies, this might be something that I could do to make some money which would be great. This could be a good opportunity, if I could learn how to do it well.


Keep at it, Mike! - Practice makes perfect - :writing_hand:


The creativity that SH embodies is very very good for the body and soul. I strongly encourage you to keep at it. Play some music. Get in the groove and go at it! I am rooting for you.


Thanks for your encouragement! I recently sent in my ideas for the screening contests, so I haven’t even been approved yet. First I have to get past that hurdle.


Fingers Crossed, Mike!


Thanks! I was approved today!


Welcome home, Mike!!! Good luck to you!