Why do we offer domain extensions we can't verify?

Why do we offer domains we cannot verify if they are available or not. One contest right now has .se extension and when you look at your entries, they ALL show “unavailable”. There are several “domain registrations” flagged, but I am assuming it is because it shows all the entries as unavailable, even though they are. But the point is, the .dk and .nz and .ly and .ru – we cannot verify if they are available or not, so why offer them as options. When CH’s ask for 5 different domain options, if we can’t verify 2 of them anyway, remove them…


Typically we add domain extensions as they are requested by our community.

I understand, but if the system cannot check for availability of particular ones, why offer them as options in the drop down. The CH can list desired ones, but if the system cannot physically check them, they shouldn’t be on the domain checker drop down.


Your feedback is noted, and we will work on removing extensions that cannot be checked in real-time for domain availability.