Why do payouts have 10% deducted?


I withdrew my thoughts.bc I think some may have found them as not being sensitive.My apologies to anyone that seen it that way.


Yeah lol. But unfortunately everything else here is really expensive so it evens out.

And I should add that we do have sales tax but it it’s added to the advertised price… So what you see is exactly what you pay. :blush:


Money is always a very sensitive subject and when talking about it in text or forum where you can’t see the sincerity of a person’s face makes all that much more difficult to see where they are coming from. I see AbleBrands as coming off as very calm and an honest question about a touchy topic. And Darpan was respectful in response. It’s good to keep things out in the open in a good discussion. Ty for bringing it up and I appreciate Darpan’s joining in. Good topic.


I agree 100% with @LorinsEggshells

@AbleBrands I hope you weren’t feeling ganged up on yesterday. I was sincerely trying to help, however without hearing my voice it may have come off as rude and for that I’m sorry. I truly appreciate all the creatives on SH and love how we are all willing to help each other rather than seeing each other as rivals.


In addition to Australia, 5 US states don’t have a sales tax, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.

And 9 US states don’t have a state income tax on wages and salaries, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire, and Tennessee.


I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that years later it seems the 10% is still a little buried and easily overlooked. I just won my first contest recently and when I saw it was less than the prize amount I wasn’t really upset, but I was curious as to why there was a deduction from the winnings. I read over the help articles numerous times when I started entering contests and I still refer to them often. I did miss the 10% fee and when I searched the help articles I still didn’t see it. I searched for “deduction from winnings.” The results included several results that seemed relevant at first, however upon reading them none mentioned the 10% fee. So I ended up searching here in the forum to get the answer.

I do love it here and I’m very excited to have won, but I do agree the fee is not being displayed prominently enough to prevent surprise and confusion why the winnings awarded are less than the stated award amount on the contest page. Again I did read over the articles (which could be categorized/organized a little better. I was often directed to the same articles repeatedly while missing others that I eventually came across later.) when I started and still refer to them, but I don’t recall seeing the 10% fee disclosed.

@Darpan @grant Perhaps this could be revisited to prevent confusion for future contest winners. Thanks for your consideration and thank you for creating such an amazing platform. I am grateful for the ability to earn money doing something I love! I am unable to work a traditional job due to medical limitations and SH has truly been a blessing for me. You are helping more than just CHs find a name, tagline, or logo. You are helping many people that for many reasons need flexibility and a way to earn money.


This again :smiley: I agree, it is important topic and needs to be revisited from time to time. I believe (can’t re-read everything, sorry) we came to conclusion that first step should be transparency - CH and newcomers MUST be aware that creatives don’t receive full amount after winning their contest, and it should be clearly stated when opening / entering contests. Unfortunately nothing was done regarding this.


I just requested my first payout right after writing my previous post. I see a short explanation for the 10% fee is displayed on the payout request confirmation pop up. I do believe it would be more helpful placed prior to payout requests. Speaking for myself I wanted to know what the deduction was before I requested a payout. Thank you though for placing the information somewhere other than buried in the help section.


If you go to the FAQ, the Creatives handbook tab has the fee information. Under “How do I get paid”. This is what I found.

Fees Associated When Withdrawing Award
As a contest winner, you can withdraw money from your account at any time. You are charged a transaction fees of 10% of the total balance being withdrawn. For example, if you win a contest for $100, a $10 administration fee will be applied (and $90 will be deposited into your PayPal). This administration fee covers the cost of our payment escrow as well as processing of payment transactions (initially from the contest holder and then to the winner).

Note: These fees do not apply to your Marketplace Domain sales.