Why cant we see a couple of the recent winning entries

…if they bought the domain surely there is no need for it to be secret

hello ? lol am I alone

@Jose, some contest holders prefer they keep the selected name private until their business or website is launched. Some may want the contest page be kept private from search engines. We try to accommodate the contest holder requests if they specifically ask that the name be kept private.

oh ok I just like to know what won after putting in some effort to get there- will it appear at some later date

@Jose, feel free to send an email to service@squadhelp.com with the title of the contest, and we will let you know the winning entry. Copying @Janice

@Jose, we further looked into the issue about certain contests not showing the winning entry details. It turns out, there was a glitch on the winners page, which was not displaying the winning entry in case of domain name + company name contests. We have now fixed the issue and you should be able to see all winning entries on the winners page.

Thanks for bringing up the issue.