Why am I getting a warning about my rating score?

I see a “Warning” we are concerned about your rating score of 60%.

What does this mean? Is 60% bad or something?

this thread may help Quality vs Quantity

Nope, that does not relate to me at all.

@Efry, we have begun showing warnings where we see that the percentile score of a creative is dropping so that they can take corrective action before it falls further. You can read this article for additional help:

I’ve followed the suggestions for improvement, for the last year, and in the last month my score has been declining. Are there other suggestions that can be provided?

Pay attention to how each individual CH is rating. Choose what’s worth submitting based on that. There’s freedom of creativity with CHs who consistently rate low, which is good considering nobody knows what the heck those CHs want anyway :wink:

Remember…if every single entry in a contest were to get the same rating (good or bad) then no percentages would be affected. I try to use this to my advantage sometimes. I don’t win a lot but my percentages aren’t too shabby :grin:

However, that doesn’t protect you from SH deeming entries poor quality, just helps keep your percentages from declining… imo :blush:

Hi folks,

This is related, in a ‘sort-of’ way. I did receive the warning notice, but understand that. I’ve not been on SH for about 6 months, so my rating is going to take a hit. But, the warning said I was allowed 10 entries, which I also get, but what happened is after I submitted 3 entries, it somehow copied them 4 times, for a total of 12. I deleted all but the original 3, and added a 4th entry. My total entries on the stats sidebar on the right says I entered 13 times now, instead of 4. Will this glitch eliminate me from entering any more on this contest? (the ‘paint company name’ one).

Thanks! :smile:

Hi … I haven’t gotten any warnings and I certainly have no complaints about my rating, but I do have a question about number of entries submitted when there is no feedback other than the “no thank you” response. I try to keep going and going, but don’t want to be tagged as a pest not do I want the CH to be overwhelmed with entries not to his/her/their liking.

I am still too new to submit an inquiry for more detail and the CH has not updated anything on the brief. I’ve been relying on everyone else’s messages, if anything is available.

Suggestions on how to proceed? Should I continue to flood the gates or simply give up? Thanks for the support …

I would say…and this is speaking for myself…to put in a few entries so you have a dog in the fight and can test the waters…but I wouldn’t “flood the gates” for any contest…especially when you have no idea what they want or they aren’t rating positvely or giving direction.To me it is probably a waste of time you could be putting towards active contests,or ones that are at least giving some favorable ratings.
You also could set yourself up for a bunch of rejections.
But that’s just how I roll.


I like to wade it out in the deep end like a shark circling for the slightest hint of movement, breath or chum, before I strike. Typically I end up getting smacked on the snout with a NT, and high tail it to low tide. :red_circle:

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