Why Afternic Sales Are Included in STR?!

SH counts names sold at Afternic as sold at SH. This is misleading and gives wrong STR to the marketplace as a whole and to us individually.

I don’t mind paying the agreed commission difference to SH when my domain sells at Afternic or Sedo, but I don’t want these sales to be counted in my SH account under: number of sales, STR, revenue.

Also when you sell a domain at Afternic and SH take their commission they do not add the sale amount to your total revenue, which will lead to negative income. For example if you have lifetime earnings of $1000 then you sell a domain at Afternic and lets say SH takes $200 commission from that sale and your lifetime earnings will be updated to $1000 + -$200 = $800 … continue selling more domains at Afternic and your lifetime earnings will reach 0 :thinking:


I like having them included.


Others disagree, here for example someone at Namepros talking about it:

He has 14.5% STR altough he never sold a domain at SH… not only it is misleading but it inflates SH STR and gives false positive.
I want to see my calculated STR inside SH alone without external sales to be counted in


I understand why others disagree but I disagree with the disagreers. I like it the way that it is because all my stats are on SH. I want all my sales on my SH names to be reflected on SH. Some people here are only on SH. Our afternic and other listings are all tied to our SH names. Maybe SH can do both but I personally don’t want that taken away.


I agree with @Commulinks

When you list a premium name on SH, you get a professional landing page, logo, paid marketing and the legitimacy and credibility that comes with a marketplace. This helps to boost the value of the name and could lead to a sale, even if the sale comes through another platform (afternic, sedo, flippa).

SH gets a commission on these sales not just because of the listing agreement but because they’re providing marketing that boosts the value of the name.

It might help to see an asterisk by sales that come through partner sites but in my mind there’s no question that these names should be counted as SH sales.


I don’t see how is that positive or good thing in anyway! This is not about “I want to opt-in” and “you can opt-out if you like” no it is more that that, SH is giving wrong stats numbers maybe it is unintentional but it is misleading indeed.

Imagine that I used Dan.com for my landing page and then Dan count my domains sold at Afternic as their sales… no domains marketplace do that at all, not a single one of then, SH is the first to calculate external sales as part of their platform sales.

The traffic that leads to Afternic sale is not SH traffic not even SH WLM traffic, it is Afternic traffic and thus it must not be included in STR.

Did SH platform directly or indirectly led to these sales?

the answer is NO

You don’t know that. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t.

Regardless, per the listing agreement, SH is the designated seller for these names and they should get credit when they sell


I am 100% sure SH has nothing to do with Afternic sales.
Afternic sales come mainly 99% from Godaddy search, now you tell me how SH contributed to these sales!

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You can’t be 100% sure.

It’s possible that the buyer saw the name on SH and decided to buy through Afternic.

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I don’t mind them to take commission but I do disagree with including it with SH stats and pretending that it is their STR … no it is not.


This almost never happens, I had an Afternic sale where the price was higher than SH landing page. which means the buyer never checked SH.
Afternic sales almost all come from domain search

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They’re the ones who have, through partial exclusivity, permitted us to list on these partner sites. So even in that way, they’re responsible for the sale.


I strongly disagree with you sorry, I insist that these STR numbers are misleading.

Not misleading in my view. These are premium names accepted by SH. SH gets a commission on these sales. They should certainly be counted in the SH STR.


We have to pay coins to list in both places in the case of Afternic. SH is allowing us to list in other places simultaneously. However, the solution to what you believe is a problem is for SH to calculate both, I guess, because there are people here who want them included in our stats here. So both could be an answer, I guess.


So the guy who reported 14.5% STR with 0 sales on SH => this is not misleading in your view?

What about negative revenue in your stats from external sales, is that normal?

Are you aware that your revenue stats get decreased with each Afternic sale? isn’t revenue stat more important than STR itself?

I am not sure what is good about seeing an inflated STR, it gives you false evaluation of you performance on SH marketplace. think about it.

The reason for that is because we get 1099s that have to reflect what SH actually paid us. All of that is tied together.

Honestly Blue, I have no problem at all with what SH does with STR because I keep close track for myself. STR means nothing to me. What I always look at is PROFIT. But I am not a long-time domainer. I am into profit and no loss. LOL.

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Agreed that it would be useful for us to see where SH sales are coming from (the SH marketplace, Sedo, Afternic, Flippa…).

But again, I think it’s a misrepresentation to say it’s inflated STR when partner sites are part of the SH sales platform.