Wholesale Market

If you list an SHregistered domain in the Wholesale Marketplace, what is the recommended selling price to list it at?

Is it really $30-$50? Am I reading this help article right? It says not to pay more than $35 or so for a wholesale domain…

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I have never sold a domain in the wholesale market place but I buy them from time to time. The price you should charge depends a lot on the quality and type of name. For instance if you have an LLLL domain that is CVCV or VCVC it would be substantially higher than one that is CCCC. But for 2 word domains or 5-6 letter initialisms as a buyer I want them for about 1 - 2% of SH approved listing price. If they are high value keyword exact match or 4L domains obviously a buyer would pay much more.

On other branding platforms typically people pay about what I have stated above.

Is it worth listing them for $30-$50 as you questioned? If you are going to let them drop at expiration it is worth at least getting your registration fees back by selling them for a small amount.