Who would be interested in using Payoneer for award payouts?


We are considering offering Creatives the ability to use Payoneer for processing payouts, as a secondary option to PayPal. This payment option offers some additional benefits to payees (you can read more at www.payoneer.com). Before we proceed forward with adding this option, we would like to hear from our community to see how many people would be interested in this option. Thank you!


PayPal works great for me, Grant…

However, I’m sure it couldn’t hurt to use Payoneer as an alternative/option for those who don’t like or can’t use PayPal for some reason. :wink:


I probably wouldn’t switch just because I don’t need another thing to do… but I know there are creatives who would like the option so I hope you hear from them.


I like paypal…will stick with it.


I don’t really want to switch, I’m comfortable with PayPal.


I like paypal. : ) (2020)


It would be great for me. Nice alternative.


I use both and I can see the difference between them and how some like @vuriko and others could benefit from SH allowing payoneer to be a ‘secondary’ option. However, I will voice that we should leave BOTH as options after implementation. I know that you’re not saying that you’re getting rid of offering paypal as an option, I am just requesting for future moving forward that paypal not be taken away as an option. I can, however, see the merit of offering BOTH and how this could help people. Just will have to make sure that the interface allows you to select a preference before you request a payout.


I think I’m going to alter my answer a bit. I don’t “LIKE” Paypal and lots of people have issues with them. I would like to have the option of switching so that the things they do don’t impede me on SH. I frequently get frustrated with Paypal. (I’ve had to run several accounts with them for various reasons). But the way things work for me, I don’t make changes unless I have a problem in front of me and I imagine a lot of people are like that. But it would be nice to be able to switch if necessary.


Paypal in my pocket works for me! More options I believe is always better. Adding an additional option yet keeping both sounds like a Win Win! Thanks SH and Grant for always going above and beyond, catering to our Squad and allowing our input. The respect from your team members and the site, the respect from all the Contestants here and the CH’s make this site a family I’m proud to be a part of. Much thanks! And keep up the Great Work!


I’ve had the same PayPal account since 2001 and I have never had a problem.


I’m happy with Pay Pal.


I’d rather stay with Paypal.

Payoneer charges $1.50 each time you withdraw the $ to your bank account.
(unless SH fees will be less with Payoneer?)


I think it is a very good idea as it would help some of us with issues paying out through PayPal.


I am happy with Pay Pal.


it will be great Grant


Iam interested…,…


I am from Pakistan and I really want to have Payoneer as a second option at SH.
It is lot easier for me as compared to PayPal (for which I have to request some foreigner friend of mine to let me use his PayPal account) for receiving money. I hope Grant will add payoneer soon.


Thumbs-up for Payoneer! I currently transfer my Paypal funds to my Payoneer account which takes a day or two to clear… a direct payment into my Payoneer account will be awesome.