Who is a Brand Strategist?


A brand strategist that comes on this site is a fake! He comes on sites like this and registers names for his site that is called Comcubate.com that does not exist. So, for all creatives watch out! He registered my names from this site, and I’m fed up with this! Have a nice day!


Did you BLUE BUTTON this?


No, I didn’t and they wouldn’t be able to help, anyway, since it won’t match with their information on file. I did some research and found out on my own.


I find it interesting that you gave a link in your post and mentioned that the link didn’t exist, but still 38 people clicked it.


Is the brand strategist a Tier A Creative?


Probably they clicked on it, but there’s nothing there. Go ahead and click, too! You can even google it as well.


No, he’s not a creative.


It has a Facebook page.


It has a Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Send me a message, I’ll give you his name. I’m not allowed to give out his name, here.


I found his name on Facebook. It says he is the founder and owner.


I would still suggest you blue button it. You can give them the info you collected on your own. If for no other reason than to have him blocked from this site. An maybe, just maybe do something for you personally.


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