Who gave me a BONUS?

Looking through my activity feed I found out that a CH paid me a bonus for one of my entries. Yet there are no details regarding the contest. No contest name. No entry name. No dollar amount. However, simple math dictates it was for $75.
Anyone know where I can find out this information or should I just shut-up, smile and be grateful for the bonus? lol


lol. whenever i’ve received a bonus, I was sent an email. “Congratulations! you have received bonus of $50 from contest holder JohnSmith” if i search through my gmail with the words 'congratulations" and “bonus” those emails pop up right away. other than that i’m not sure how to keep track of it.

Thanks @woods30. I’ll go on a email hunt lol

I’ve got same question. Who gave me a bonus? I have a new phone and can’t get to my email right now.

@BLUE…email is the only place to find the actual contest info. I checked my activity log and it just shows that you received a bonus but not who it was from. So lets just smile and enjoy it! lol

@LisaMac did you ever figure out who it was? I really have no clue how to check that other than hunting through old emails.

@woods30. Yes I did. I hunted through my email. I found it in my spam folder. lol