White Label Marketplace Updates - July 30

Our team has been working on several updates and today we are pleased to announce new features related to Marketing & Promotions:

  1. Coupon Codes

You can now setup coupon codes for your Domains in the White Label Marketplace. These coupons can be created for specific domains, or for your entire portfolio.

You can set these coupons for a fixed dollar amount, or a percent discount. This way you have full flexibility in offering different promotions on your domains to specific buyers or on social media.

2. Discounts on Auto Pilot

You can now enable your White Label portfolio to participate in “Discounts on Auto Pilot” feature. When activated, our platform will automatically choose some of your domains every week and put them on sale. The discounted prices will automatically end in 7 days, so you do not worry about changing prices or updating discounts.

Our algorithm will automatically apply some smart logic in deciding the level of discount. For example, the discounts offered will be slightly larger when the domain is close to expiration. You can specify a max threshold for discounts. Our algorithm will ensure that any discounts offered do not exceed your max thresholds.

3. Advertising

We have now activated our Advertising campaigns for White Label Marketplace. Any Buyers visiting your landing page (with a Logo) will now see ads promoting your names as they visit other websites as well as Facebook.

There are several more features that are currently in development, and we are excited to share more updates in the next few days.


It will be great if a little video clip of how these features work and showing them in action is provided anytime a new feature is released. Make it much easier :slight_smile:

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Please provide update on the issues/topics/feedback provided in the other WLM thread.
Thank you.

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