White Label Domain Marketplace

Interesting read about this opportunity. Does anyone have any thoughts or insights about this? Squadhelp.com announces White Label Domain Marketplace, A New Game-Changing Offering For Domain Sellers | Squadhelp.com


I was one of the testers. You can see it in action here: https://www.ablebrands.com/

It’s quick and slick!

Your marketplace names in Premium, Basic Plus and Basic are automatically included and you can also upload any other names too for just a 7.5% commission.

The SEO is top notch, you can see my site is being easily indexed here:

You can add your Google analytics code so you can see where and what your traffic is doing.

They don’t have an XML feed yet, which they are addressing.

I do intend to use it as intended and I will be moving my own non-brandable domains to my site… it’s just a case of finding the time!

I hope this helps.

If anyone needs some help setting this up, then just shout here on the forum and I’ll do my best to walk you through it, then everyone can see it.


It’s still hard for me to make a decision. At SH Marketplace I can reklam my domains for points. At the new site, I need to pay money for marketing. But I have half the basic plus domains that no one sees. On the new site, I can sell them, on the old they do not have the status of visibility. If I could leave half of the domains on the SH market, and half as much on the new site, I take part in the experiment


Do you mean at this time you have to move all the domains if you go that route? I didn’t get that point, but it is important to know.

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You can leave your non-searchable basic plus names on SH (not seen) so you can enter them in contests. If you set up a marketplace, then they are automatically included and seen on your marketplace. You don’t have to move them, you can have them on both.


I’m also interested in this, because I don’t know all the cornerstones. For example, on the Able page under any of the domains, there are links to domains owned by other sellers. I personally would not like to have such links on my page. If this is my personal page, then the domains of other owners should not be there


No. Your names in Premium, Basic Plus and Basic are automatically included.

If they are not searchable on SH marketplace, then they are searchable on your site. You can also upload other names to your site if you want, or you can upload them to SH Basic Plus / Basic if you want to enter them in contests.

The advantage for those that just have brandables, is that names not searchable in SH will get indexed in google from your own site :slight_smile:

The advantage for those that have other domains that are not brandable, is that they don’t have to load them on SH (they don’t want to enter them in contests so don’t want to load them on SH). :slight_smile:

@exceptionaldeb those are not names by other sellers, they are all my names.

Another benefit is you have SH dealing with your sales. Plus if you are one of those that can’t receive Paypal, then SH have other methods of payment. This is a big deal to domainers that have yet to find a white lable marketplace that eliminates the paypal problem.

I hope that’s a bit clearer.


@AbleBrands Thank you so much for this information. I may have to knock on your door as I think of more questions!!! You have been very helpful! :grinning: BTW: you have great names!


If all these are your domains, then there are no questions: 0)


It is great solution if you want to creat your own brandable website, but I am not sure if it is helpful. From my experience domainers rarely sell domains on their own websites, unless you point your domains directly to your website to drive type in traffic, and that cannot be done for SH premium domains because you should point them to SH marketplace. But even if you have a choice to point your premium domains to your website, it is better to leave them to SH because it is well known platform with trust factor that affects customer decision to buy or not.

On the other hand you can use this solution as landing page solution for non-premium domains, and the 7.5% commission is very attractive (I think the cheapest so far compared to 10% for Dan .com). But I am not sure if it is better to use landing page from your brandable website (with yout brand logo) or use well know landing provider such as Dan or Afternic (again trust factor is important).

Regarding SEO benefits I dont believe that SEO is relevant for selling domain names because nobody will search for your domain mames in Google and even if that rarely happens then search will not be intended for buying (ex: “domainname.com for sale”)


Good points, SEO is relevant for non-brandable domainers.

If a company is called and is on xyzconsulting.com and I own xyz.com (or if I own the .com and they are on the .co.uk) I want them to see it in the search engines for sale :wink:


Your marketplace site looks great @AbleBrands. I don’t own enough names to need something like this, but it seems like a great option for those who do.


Does anyone know how using affiliate links impacts the data from analytics?


Hi AbleBrands, Nice to see a demo website. I really wanted to see one before deciding. I have been asking another popular platform (with comparative commission) to please have a whitelabel marketplace and they did nothing so far though they said they will. I think SH has jumped up to the challenge and I am so glad for this. I am a domainer and I am sure I want to put up at least one marketplace for my domains. A few quick questions:

  1. Can we put our own logos for the domains in the marketplace. If yes can the squadhelp premium ones be replaced as some of them are downright ugly in my portfolio.
  2. How do we differentiate if the sale came from our marketplace or squadhelp if our domains are pointing to squadhelp??
  3. Have you sold any on your brand new site :slight_smile: and seen the process? Anything we should know?
  4. How does the SEDO integration work?


  1. Are you an approved logo designer? I doubt those of us that are not are allowed. I don’t know about those that are.

  2. If the DNS is pointing to SH, then it’s on Premium, Basic Plus or Basic. You’ll pay the commission you agreed with SH. You can add additional names to your website that are not in Premium, Basic Plus or Basic where the commission is 7.5% (this is my understanding).

  3. My website has only been up a few days. I haven’t yet added any names that I don’t have on SH.

  4. Announcing Sedo Integration

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Hi @AbleBrands

I’ve just made my marketplace which you can find here CheapDomains.net - Looks very clean!

Added some of my domains to there, if someone goes to GrowthInvestor.co for example, and purchases it, is the commission 7.5%?

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@AbleBrands Thanks. My question was can we put up our domains with our logos with the 7.5% commissions? That way I can take the badly designed domains from SH premium listings and keep them fully managed by myself and my team. This will be my primary use of the marketplace so it matters if I can use them to ease the process or just develop my own marketplace (which obviously it too much effort).


@yairdd Your site looks great!
GrowthInvestor.co is not on the SH marketplace and lands on https://www.cheapdomains.net/name/growthinvestor.co (your website, not the SH landing page)
SH terms are here:
For any listings that are added to the white-label Marketplace, the standard SH commission will be 7.5% of the selling price.

You can take names off the Premium marketplace and put them on your white-label marketplace if you want. You will pay 7.5% commission on sales. You will lose SH marketing and SH marketplace traffic and (I’m guessing, but don’t know for sure) unless you are an approved logo designer, you cannot upload your own logos.

In short. If you leave them where they are, they appear on SH marketplace AND your own site, you get SH marketplace advertising and SH marketplace traffic. If it sells on SH, you pay your existing commission agreed. If it sells on your marketplace, you pay your existing commission agreed but you get a credit back.

For any seller owned Premium Listings purchased from your White-label Marketplace, you will receive a credit equaling 20% of the share of SH commission.

Or you can remove them, put them on your own site and pay 7.5% if it sells.

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@grant First of all, the white label marketplace looks awesome. Super slick and professional. So kudos to everybody involved for the great job. The ability for users to upload their own logos and allowing more than 6 installments would be amazing so I hope these options could be considered.

A few issues I’m currently experiencing:

  1. Domains that were approved at SH but that I chose not to publish, are all appearing in the white label marketplace with the prices SH accepted them for. They can’t be added from the white label marketplace’s dashboard because they’re already in the system. Even when removed from the ‘Pending Commission Approval’ section, they remain in the white label marketplace with a price I didn’t agree to. I even have a few domains there that are exclusively listed on another marketplace. So please have your tech team fix this problem ASAP.

  2. I listed some domains in the white label marketplace for certain BIN prices but they’re appearing in the white label marketplace with different prices for some reason. Really weird. So please look into that too.

  3. I’m having problems with the TXT verification. It would be very helpful if names could be approved with a nameserver change but one that could then be changed. I did a nameserver verification for one of the domains, it was verified but a few hours later, after I changed the nameservers away from SH, it reverted back to verification pending.

Thanks for the consideration and again, congrats on this major new feature.


You still didn’t understand my question :smiley: Let me make it simpler to understand. Forget everything else. When you add a new domain name to your marketplace (for the 7.5% commission) do you have the facility to upload a logo for it or does it show as just text?? It is your marketplace so I assume it should be an inbuild feature for complete control. Please check your dashboard if you are not sure. Thanks for the help.

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