White Label Domain Marketplace - Update

@Grant - I would love to see SH develop affiliate programs that we can use on our individual white label marketplaces. I say programs with an “s” because I would like to have click through affiliates as well as sales affiliates. Since SH already has affiliate programs for us, I imagine this could be done if the affiliates sign up on SH as affiliates of specific white label marketplaces. So, they would sign up for SH, choose my white label marketplace to be affiliated with and promote my white label marketplace and names and as a result, get paid by SH and me for clicks and sales using affiliate links. I would find my own affiliates as others would or advertise that… of course people could sign up to be affiliates for as many white label marketplaces as they want. Still, I would be willing to put in effort to find affiliates for my own. We need to talk about what affiliates would get paid of course and it would probably be different for SH owned domains vs. my owned domains somehow.

  1. As of yesterday, I see “Offer Center” link in our SH account for our White-label marketplace ChampionDomains . I see 4 offers: #480, #481, #482, #483 . Does it mean we had 4 offers so far or does it mean there were other offers before and they are not shown yet? Also can you share a bit more details in the offer-status section. Can we get email notifications when offers are made?

  2. Can we have in-depthStats for all domains: traffic/visitors, clicks, etc etc? Can we search a group of domains for the stats?

  3. Currently my account shows 3 domains require verification but don’t know which ones? How can we quickly search which domains still need verification?

  4. We have huge portfolio, can you use your AI to auto categorize the domains? It will be a big help. We have categorized in excel but those categories don’t match with SH categories so I don’t want to use our categories.

  5. Can SH add “On Sale” functionality for domains; I mean can we put discounts (% off) on one domain, a group of domains or all domains in the portfolio easily from the back end? We should be able to select expiry date of the discount and the discounted domain should show something like this to create urgency for the buyer to quickly buy the domain before price goes back up (Hurry, Sale Ending on Sun Jul 26)? Can we then if possible put rotational/periodically enable/disable the discount %ages and starting/expiry dates? This will lead to more sales.

  6. Auto populating about us section of all domains with relevant keywords, text, message etc.?

Sorry, I know it’s a lot of suggestions/feedback but I really wanted to share from our experience and want to see SH become the best. I am very excited to see the innovation/changes happening quickly based on feedback. Thank you for listening.

@grant when I have a domain listed in white label marketplace, I am not able to submit it into contests. Additionally when I try adding it to the SH marketplace it give me an error saying domain already exists in the marketplace.

is this how it works or a bug?

@Grant - I tagged SH on this on Twitter but I am posting here. A prominent domainer and writer from NP about domaining has asked:
“Does anyone know if any of the domain marketplaces are set up so that a seller can use a discount coupon? i.e. if you wanted to promote names with a limited time or directed discount, giving out a code on social media, is anyone set up to handle that?”

SH should do this because the answer is largely NO!

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We will be adding more customization options in the future, that will offer Sellers more control to change colors, and other branding elements.


You can click on the domain name from your Domains section and add description. You can also update the price and description by uploading a CSV file.

At this point we do not have the voiceover feature in our roadmap but I will share it with our product team.

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Would you be able to share a screeshot or example where you are receiving the 404 error. You can share it via blue button.

Clicking on logo should take you to your own WLM, not to SH Marketplace. If that is not working correctly for you, please share an example with our team via Blue Button

We plan to hide the About Us section automatically if no information has been provided.

There was an issue in submitting your WLM names for premium approval. This has now been resolved.

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Thanks @Commulinks. I will share this with our team for consideration

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Thanks for your feedback. Please see below:

  1. We have added the option to make payment via Wire Transfer, and some of these requests were incorrectly showing in the offer center. Our team will fix this shortly.

  2. In depth stats at a domain level is a good idea, and I will share this with our team

  3. If you click on “Verify”, you should have an option to verify all unverified domains. Since this is done in background, it can take couple of hours to complete. I will share your request to add an ability to filter by Unverified Domains

  4. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to auto categorize the names at this point, since this can depend on many factors. We will be adding the ability to assign categories by uploading a CSV file in the near future.

  5. You can add a discount on your domains by selecting multiple domains, and clicking “Add Discounts” under bulk actions. We will likely add the “Discount on Auto Pilot” feature in the near future.

  6. I will check with our team if this is possible.

@MadOz This should be fixed now. You should also see an “Upgrade to Premium” button next to your WLM domain listings.

Thanks @Commulinks. We will look into this further.

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I have submitted around 50 names for premium (registred) review ,These names were from my white label marketplace.Coins are deducted , but names are not showing in pending review section ?? Support chat is saying that are in your white label marketplace.I think they are not understanding ??

Thank you for the reply. Seems there was a problem in the system that has been resolved now.

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Thank you very much!!

Additional feedback:

  1. The filters of the “All Domains” pages “drop down” filter don’t work correctly:
  • not much difference when you select a different filter from the drop down…results almost same.
  • not sure how the “Discount” filter brings up the results
  • “New Arrivals” actually do not show recently added domains, it just shows very old domains
  1. The popular domains shown on the home page hardly ever change and also are not really our popular domains at all. Please provide a way for us to select which domains we want to show in “popular domains” on home page because we know our portfolio real good about which domains get most traffic or email offers/inquiries. This is really important for us to create a good impression of our white label marketplace.

  2. Discounts/Sales on “Auto Pilot” will be great. We should be able to select any or a group of domains (we can just paste a list in a filter and search those domains) and apply a % discount to those domains. A little message should display on the discounted domains like “Limited time 20% Off - Sale ends Sunday” etc. This will create an urgency for the buyer to buy before the sale ends.

  3. After a buyer successfully buys a domains from a white-label marketplace, it will be great to have a functionality where we can send/email a coupon to the buyer(s) thanking for the purchasse and with a limited time Coupon “Take additional X% Off your purchase on any domains - Coupon expires by date”.

Thanks you.

@Grant and SH Team

Just wanted to say that the WLM domains are showing in my public portfolio as well, that’s a pretty huge thing😄 The SH Marketplace and WLM integration is seamless. Very happy to see that.

Friends, if you have not tried WLM, please do. There might be small kinks in the features, which is why it’s beta, but overall I think this is one of the best out of box solutions that I have seen. Go for it!


Obviously, it’s not working for everyone. I started recently and went with the WLM and there has been no integration whatsoever with SH Marketplace. I’ve submitted dozens of domains (premium) and none show up as pending review.

I just found my public marketplace.

Please provide an option to:

  1. “Add a Page” to the White Label Market place if we need to convey a message/info to our WLM site visitors/buyers
  2. Show a link to the “About Us” page at the top of the homepage of our WLM.
  3. Yesterday I enabled the “Discounts on Auto Pilot” for our portfolio and selected 20% discount option. I don’t see any domains on our WLM ChampionDomains showing this discount? Is it working right? How do I or the visitors to the site know which domains are on the 20% autopilot discount as I enabled from my account under “Coupons and Promotions”.? Please advise.
  4. There is a categories section on the homepage of our WLM ChampionDomains but it just shows 4 categories with 1 domain in each for last few days. There are over 25000 domains in the marketplace, please look in to it as it appears categories are not displaying properly the number of domains etc.
  5. Same issue if you click “All Domains” and then see the Big-Ideas/Emotions and Style sections on the left hand of the page. It just shows couple of domains in each section for last few days. There are over 25000 domains in the marketplace, please look in to it as it appears these sections are not displaying properly the number of domains etc.
  6. Also please show us all the inquiries on our domains even if they don’t result in a sale. All other companies show the inquiries received on domains. This is really important otherwise it seems no domain gets any inquiry at all.
  7. I deleted a domain (kkgj. com) two days ago from our account in WLM ChampionDomains but it still keeps showing in WLM site search and also in the “My Public Portfolio” page on SH. Please check and advise. Thank you.
  8. Discounts on Auto Pilot; I noticed that exact same group of domains for which the discounts expired on Sunday are again showing the discounts this week. Please show discounts on different group of domains every week. Also what % of the portfolio (mean domain count) is automatically put of discount every week. I would suggest about 25% or so of the total domains in portfolio should display discounts.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you very much for your help.

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IF we choose upgrade to premium from white label.It not showing in pending review in dashboard.Not showing any status in whitelabel listing like under review or rejected for premium ( like in basic+). Hw would we know that name has been reviewed.

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