White Label Domain Marketplace - Update

Thank you to all those who have provided feedback on the White Label Marketplace during the Beta phase.Within the first few days of announcing this new feature, more than 50,000 domains have been added by sellers who received access to the Beta program. Our team is working round the clock to fix any reported issues, as well as add many more features based upon the feedback. Here is a quick update on the new features as well as reported issues:

Recently Added Features

  • You can now upload descriptions in bulk to the Marketplace.
  • You can also make pricing updates in bulk. Simply upload a file with domain, price and description (optional) and if your domain was previously uploaded, this information will be uploaded.
  • You can now enable or disable “Make Offer” on your domains
  • You can add installment Terms, or disable installments on the domains.
  • Our AI technology has begun learning, and you may start to see recommendations on your landing page as well as home page. Initially, these recommendations may not be very strong, but they will continue to get better over time, once the system receives more data from people visiting your Marketplace.

Bugs/ Issues:

  • Several users had reported that they could not update prices and descriptions for domains added to White Label Marketplace (if those names previously existed in the Marketplace). In some cases, the domain was resolving to the SH landing page. This has been resolved for any new domains added to the Marketplace. If you still have any names which are not working properly, please report to us via Blue button and we will get them resolved.
  • There were pagination issues for large portfolio holders on the dashboard page. These issues have been resolved.
  • The search feature was showing same domains when sorting by Relevance or Popularity. This has been corrected. The rankings will change over time, based upon the data collected from your Marketplace
  • There were some issues in mobile (such as header appearing twice, and names not formatted correctly). These issues have been resolved.
  • Some sellers had reported issues with the number of Syllables not being detected correctly. We have corrected our algorithm. In about 5% cases, this information may still not be accurate since it is determined by an algorithm.
  • The domain landing page was showing Buy It Now price even if the domain was set to Make Offer. We have fixed this issue

Other Important Points:

  • If you do not see a list of categories on your homepage, this is likely because your domains have not yet been classified. Please click on the domain name, and you will be able to assign categories to the name. This is important, because it helps our AI, as well as improves Search results in your portfolio. You can also take advantage of the Expert Classification service offered by approved creatives on the platform.
  • Our system now automatically extracts the root words from your domains, so in most cases you will not need to assign them manually. However you may need to check that the root words are showing correctly because in some cases our algorithm may not detect root words. The root words are also important to improve the AI discovery of your names.
  • If the uploaded Logo on your Marketplace header is too small, we recommend editing the Logo file and cropping any excess white space around it. This will make the Logo larger and more visible.

Upcoming Changes:

  • We will soon be adding a new bulk update and bulk delete feature which will allow you to edit almost all aspects of your domains in bulk.
  • We will be adding a site map to further improve the organic/ SEO discovery of your Marketplace as well as domains
  • There is currently an issue with Sedo integration for the recently added domains. Our team is aware of this, and working on resolving the issue.
  • We are considering some options to allow sellers to upload their own logos or visual elements for their domains. This might take some time, but we are aware that many sellers want this feature. Any logos added via this method will likely not be included in SH Advertising because of potential IP related risks with third party content.
  • We will be adding the ability to add “Make Offer” in addition to the Buy It Now price. Currently the Make Offer Button replaces the Buy It Now option

Please continue to share your feedback about any issues or improvements in this thread, or via Blue button. We will continue to make updates based upon your ongoing feedback!


@grant Thanks for the update. Very cool and thanks for considering letting sellers upload logos. I wanted to inquire about something.

Tens of thousands of domains were added and many more will follow. How can SH commit to do paid advertising for any domain with a bought logo? Even if a small percentage of these listings will have a bought logo- doesn’t it come at the expense of advertising premium listings? As big as SH’s marketing budget for domains is- it was supposed to be allocated to marketplace listings (where SH’s commission is also higher, so advertising these domains makes more sense financially VS a potential 7.5% commission). Adding thousands/tens of thousands of domains to the paid advertising rotation means less advertising money for the marketplace. Also, let’s say a newbie decides to list a random domain, for example Burger6715.com, and pay $5 for a logo. Doesn’t including any domain, without any sort of quality check, in the paid advertising rotation reflect badly on SH and potentially also on other domains shown alongside that domain as it could make people think SH offers terrible domains and no curation?


@grant thank you for this update. You mentioned that buy it now and make offer we’re both options? My landing pages currently do not have a make offer feature.

@BrandAim currently it is one or the other…he said upcoming changes will have both.

Hi Grant, thank you for the update. Am really looking forward to the own logos upload inclusion - can we at least get it done through your team for now by providing the files as specified? Secondly can we opt out of the Powered By SquadHelp link in the footer? Technically it wouldn’t be white label with that there IMHO. :smiley: I point this out as I need to use your services for only the payment and domain escrow part of it.

Anyway to exclude the premium names from this marketplace? Coz if I am going to be spending money marketing my marketplace I wouldn’t want to pay 30% commission to Squadhelp for sales that came through my efforts.

Honestly I would have preferred an API integration option to be called white label instead of a duplicate of SquadHelp with do follow links into SquadHelp as it kinda defeats the purpose of building our own marketplace.

Thanks for th update Grant. We are very much exciting and expecting to upload own logo. Pls consider to include that option or kindly reduce the logo design price as $2 for white label marketplace only.

And also pls consider to add top 5 categories from our portfolio to the hamburger menu on top for both mobile and desktop

Its always nice to have both But Now and Make Offer button with an option to configure. Thanks for including this.

Also is it possible to add contact us page with form only to our custom email id?

Thanks you so much for this marketplace. Now our portfolio became nice and looking more premium.


@moretal Thanks for the feedback - these are valid concerns and I would like to clarify few things.

The marketing budget for white label Marketplace is different from the budget for Premium Domain Marketplace. The eligible domains will only be included in “Retargeting” advertising campaigns, which means they will only be shown to potential buyers who already visited the landing page for that domain. In other words the buyer must demonstrate a reasonable interest in a domain before they are shown a remarketing ad containing that specific domain.


I Have two questions/issues .

  1. How can be submit WLDM domain for expert review.because its showing already submitted.
  2. How is marketing of WLDM+SH made logo is different from premium domains marketing ??

im saying i have no option to just list as make offer. Only buy it now.

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Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like you may be looking for a more custom solution that offers you full end-to-end customization control on the Marketplace. Our White label offering may not be a great fit for your specific requirements since we only offer limited customization options.


@DomainGenic You should be able to submit your White label listed domains for premium submission at any time. If you are receiving an error, please share the specific error via blue button and they will assign it to the appropriate team to resolve the issue.

Regarding the Marketing for White label Marketplace with SH made logo, it is only limited to retargeting (in other words, the ads may be shown to potential buyers who visit the landing page of that domain).

The SH Premium Marketplace includes significantly higher level of Marketing, and it not only covers retargeting, but it also covers prospecting. In other words, a significant amount of marketing spend for SH premium domain Marketplace is towards those buyers who might be looking for names, but have not yet visited the SH Marketplace or the domain landing pages.

In addition, the SH Marketplace ranks extremely high in SEO for thousands of keywords - which generates a significant number of buyer visits as well. As an example, if you search for “names for sale”, the top two organic results in Google are for Squadhelp. The same applies for several industry specific keywords such as “tech startup names

@BrandAim In your Domain listing section, you should see a button “Switch to Make Offer” next to each listing. If you are not seeing that, please share a screenshot with the team via Blue button so we can look into this further

@grant That makes sense and good to hear that it won’t come at the expense of the marketplace’s advertising budget. Thanks for the clarification!

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Thanks @grant the issue was on mobile device I’m unable to slide to the right to see the make offer option. Thanks!

Not a complex or urgent request but can the ‘green’ color of price,tags etc be more darker? Or can the font be ‘Bold’ if making the green color darker is not possible?

Dear Grant
Thanks so much for the time to explain about the White Label Domain Market place updates. Great stuff.
Two quick questions? Once we have submitted our new domain names in bulk for approval - would there be an option afterwards, where we would be able to go into our marketplace page and add a description (3-5 paragraphs)we feel will help the name? and might it be possible in the future, to add voiceover note of how the name is pronounced.?
Best Wishes

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Hello Grant,
suggestions I would like to add to the list would be.

  1. To have only one search input ( currently one in the header and one in the hero section)
    In fact the second search option give out a 404 error if I just click on the search button with out any string.

  2. Option to disable the About us Section.

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One more issue I have come across is that when you click on the logo or “view all names” button it takes you to the SH marketplace. Why is it setup this way?

The right way should be taking the user to my home page or show all the domains I have listed. It does not make right business if my customers land on my domains and then later being shown all the SH listed domains.


I’ve set up my WLM and added my domains. That part is working fine. I tried to add some domains to the regular marketplace but I get a response they are already listed.

Unfortunately, when I visit “Your Marketplace Listings”, its empty. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Welcome to the forum @regsite :slight_smile:

Not really sure if you are trying to add the same names to the WLM and to SH marketplace?


There is a blue button in the bottom right hand side of any page on the main site that will take you direct to a SH assistant. They will be able to look at your account to see what the issue is.